3 Tips to Keep Children Warm at Night

With the weather getting colder and colder every day, it sometimes feels like spring is never going to get here. It can be an absolute nightmare to make sure children stay warm in the cold, even when they’re at home. My neighbours were complaining of how their kids just don’t understand that staying under the covers is the best way to stay warm, so they’d always wake up with their kids in their bed, stealing all the blankets and jabbing them with icy toes. Here are three tips we put together to help you help you keep your children warm at night this winter.


Obviously, having multiple layers of bedding is a good idea in the winter, because it allows children to control how cool or warm they’d like to be. Having a woolen fitted sheet stops children from jumping into an icy bed, and layering blankets on top of or at the foot of the bed allows children to kick off or pull up what they need.

Keep the Room Warm

Investing in a good heating system is a great thing to do if you can afford it, but if you can’t, then consider picking up space heaters. Keeping cold air out by using door snakes, window tape, or other things also helps make sure that warm air stays inside, and cold air stays out. If you do decide to use a space heater in your child’s room, make sure you follow all the safety precautions necessary. If they have timers, use those to control temperature and make sure they’re not always running, and also always check to see that it’s turned off when your child is out of their room for the day.

Cozy Pyjamas

Layering up your clothes is advice all our parents have given us, and it’s a great way of keeping warm in the winter. Cuffed pyjamas are less likely to roll up on children and layering them with a warm sweater or having your child where an undershirt will help them stay warm as well




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