3 Kid-Friendly Christmas Platter Ideas

I’ve been to two holiday parties this week, and it’s only Wednesday! My boyfriend and I love holiday parties with people we know, and we usually bring a little something with us to be great guests. At the last party we went to, there were a lot of kids, and we noticed they weren’t really enjoying themselves when food was presented. I looked over at the platters, and there were lots of delicious things, but I can understand why a kid wouldn’t find them so appetizing. When I got home, I started putting together some ideas for kid-friendly Christmas platters that we could bring to (and serve at!) Christmas parties.

Fruit Platter

This one is really easy, but I haven’t really seen people make use of fruit platters. Taking some grapes, raspberries, and blueberries and putting them on a plate looks absolutely stunning, and they’re quite festive in themselves. I’ve been thinking of arranging them in wreath shapes, but there are all sorts of interesting ideas on Pinterest. I saw someone using apples to coral the fruit in the shape of a Christmas tree, and that was so cute!

Strawberry Santas

I saw this idea a couple of years ago, and it came to mind when my boyfriend and I were talking about making kid-friendly Christmas platters. All you need to do is grab some big, juicy, and delicious strawberries, and cut the tapered end off to be the hat. Scoop out some of the flesh of the bigger half, and pipe in some whip topping, cream cheese, or cake frosting. Top it with the strawberry hat, and add eyes to Santa’s head with some mini chocolate chips. You can easily make tons of these for your next party, and I love them as much as the kids do so I’m sure adults will enjoy them.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

Do you know how much children love chocolate? Usually, it’s a lot! I usually bring chocolate-dipped fruit to parties throughout the year, but I neglect them over Christmas for some reason. I melt some dark or milk chocolate with a tiny bit of coconut oil,and then just dip fruit in it and let everything harden. Sometimes it takes just one dip, sometimes it takes two, but it’s always so pretty! Let the pieces of fruit dry on some parchment paper, and if you want, on the last coat of chocolate you can sprinkle coconut or sprinkles into the wet chocolate. I usually go for mandarin orange segments and strawberries, but you can be creative with this.



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