Zombie state of mind….

We decided to have my friend over last night with her kids, and we didn’t get started watching the movie Green Lantern until about 9:30pm. We were all up until almost midnight watching the movie. Then after she left, I figured I’d be able to fall right to sleep since I was falling asleep during the last part of the movie, but NO….That was a joke if I ever heard one. I was up tossing and turning, and even got up and walked around the house for a while trying to get the exhaustion feeling back, only to feel more awake. I believe I FINALLY fell asleep about 3:45-4am. Then my darling husband (who slept all afternoon and all night last night due to the pain killers he’s on right now) wakes up at 7:30am. I gripe and tell him go back to sleep, and he can’t sleep. So he gets up, and instead of remaining quiet like he normally does for me, he’s in his office (which is connected to our bedroom) and he’s rambling away to himself because obviously the medicine is still having some affect on him. So, naturally I can’t sleep through that. I’m one of those people that once I get up it’s hard as hang to get me to go back to sleep.

So, I’m now trying to home school my son, and I can barely think straight. Luckily his work load for today is very small, and most of it he can do on his own. I am hoping to take a nap later on today. That would be a huge blessing. I literally feel so odd right now. I can’t drink something with a lot of caffeine in it due to Zeva. So, I can’t get that jolt that I get when I drink a Mountain Dew when I feel like this. Yes, I’m a former Mountain Dew junkie. I use to always have one in my hands. Then I weened myself down to only having one on days that needed to have the extra energy to do some important tasks. It was so funny, because I’d walk into my last job with one in my hands and my employees would say, “It’s one of those kinds of days today?? What all do we have to get done and how long do we have to do it??” I was blessed in most of my units with a crew that worked with me very well. There was just one unit that I never could work well in, and the sad fact is it was 5 minutes from my house. Of course, I think that had something to do with it.

To this day, I still haven’t fully figured out why the unit closest to my house was always an issue for me to work in. I know that unit is hard to staff with reliable good working people. However, that can’t be 100% true because the manager that is there now seems to have done it?? I’m wondering if it had more to do with my frame of mind with being so close to home verses working in a unit farther away from home. I believe I have an idea why it was so hard to work close to home, but I don’t feel I can express it on the internet.

Zeva is moving around a good bit this morning. 🙂 She feels like she’s growing, but of course, I have no way of knowing that for sure. I’m just praying that she is healthy. Less than two months to go. 🙂

What is your day going to consist of??



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