"What’s Your Number" -Movie Review

I found this movie to be a good balance of comedy and romance. It was fun to see her track down her ex’s. However, I loved watching the connection building between her and her sexy neighbor.
As we all know, I have gone back to my first love, and have been blessed with the chance to reconnect with him and our love has blossomed. Sometimes, it does truly pay to reconnect with past boyfriends. However, not to many people believe in doing that. Love will always find a way to happen regardless of the circumstances, and when a couple takes that leap of faith, love will be the power that helps them get through the hard times in life.
I do hope that people will find a way to only have one number in their lives (their spouses!!) This movie further proved my point that a person can have a more fulfilling relationship with someone who they connect with on a more personal level than they can on a physical level. My husband and I have great chemistry, but I also can tell him anything because he’s my best friend. The more time we’re together the more I wish I could get the world to see that LOVE is so worth the wait and worth hanging on to!! It’s also worth taking the chance on!!
I recommend this movie for any woman who has ever given men sex easily (and even for those woman who were strong enough in who they were NOT to do it) thinking it was a way to a man’s heart. It’s a great laugh and a great lesson can be learned as well.
I hope this finds you doing well.



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