Weight Loss Challenge ’13 Update 1/24/13

Well, I can’t say that I’ve been going off the deep end this week. I haven’t been as physically active this week as I was last week. My friend and I are planning on going walking here in about two hours. So, that will definitely help a good bit. Del has agreed to keep Zeva and my father-in-law is getting the boys while we walk. So, I’ll be gaining total GIRL time. 🙂 That will definitely be a nice change.

I haven’t been digging into the sweets hardly at all either and that definitely has to be helping a good bit!! I just don’t see any difference what so ever. 🙁

I went to the doctor because something is off with me because I’m dealing with major pains, and had something else odd happening. However, the doctor told me he didn’t know what it was  nor could he tell me what was causing it to happen. He basically brushed me off. I know something is wrong with me besides me being overweight, but proving it is like pulling teeth because doctors just see me as overweight and they can’t seem to get past that fact. Yes, I know losing weight would make my health improve, but the problem is what does one do when the weight doesn’t come off regardless to what you do??????? Unless I want to drive an hour away to see a doctor, I don’t see me getting the help I need.

Yes, there is a couple of doctors in Columbia who has seen what I’m talking about with the tests they ran, but I was pregnant and they couldn’t treat me for it without harming Zeva. I also had a doctor tell me when I was pregnant with my first born that he saw something off, but he couldn’t treat me for it because I was pregnant with her. Same thing happened with Delbert. So, three times now doctors are seeing it who have been forced to do ultrasounds and x-rays on me because there was another life in me, but when I’m not pregnant the doctors don’t want to take the time or spend the resources to get me the x-rays they need to treat what is wrong.

I feel for them if something does happen to me because they refused to listen. Del has been to every appointment with me since we’ve been back together and he knows everything I’m going through. He’s been right there with me trying to fight the fight.


How do you make a doctor listen to you??





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