Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten. This single world can mean excitement, joy, or fear for both children and their parents. While it has become a regular stepping-stone on the path of education, the day is still quite special for children, parents, and teachers. Therefore, it can be great fun for families to find ways to celebrate the first day of kindergarten. Educators looking to introduce their students to classic kindergarten literature can buy bulk books online at discounted prices. Families can also have fun taking pictures, making maps, and participating in other activities. The following provides families with unique ways to get in the kindergarten spirit and celebration.

1. Perform a Dress Rehearsal

Parents can help prep their children for their first day of kindergarten by performing a dress rehearsal in the comforts of home. Parents can dress and act as the teacher and walk their children through the process of finding their first day. This can include finding their cubby, sitting for calendar and weather time, reading a story, creating an art project, and lining up for lunch and recess.

2. Create a Sense of Self and Ownership

Parents can help their children build a sense of self and ownership by letting them pick out their supplies for kindergarten. When a child is able to pick out their items based on their favorite colors and styles, parents are helping them to create a sense of pride and strong self-esteem. This will help them feel encouraged on their first day of kindergarten.

3. Create a Map

Children entering kindergarten can sometimes have a difficult time transitioning from school to home. Therefore, it can be helpful for parents and children to work together and create a map of the route from home to school. This can include pictures of roads, stores, and other familiar landmarks.

4. Play Name Games

Learning the names of classmates and teachers is an important piece of the first day of kindergarten. Thus, parents can play name games with their children to prep them for name games they may play at school. These games also help children become more confident in sharing their name or a favorite food or animal with their classmates when the time comes.

5. Customize Your Calendar

Schools typically provide their students with calendars for the school year. Children and parents can customize these calendars with birthdays, special holidays, or vacations. This can create excitement for the school year and preps children for the calendar time they will have in class.

6. Build Encouragement With Literacy

Books can be powerful tools in teaching children. Therefore, parents with fearful or anxious youngsters can help boost their self-esteem and encourage them by reading stories featuring characters that must overcome difficult situations. Some examples include:


  • Chrysanthemum- by Kevin Henkes


  • The Kissing Hand- by Audrey Penn


  • Froggy Goes to School- by Jonathan London


  • How do Dinosaurs go to School- by Jane Yolen


  • Edward Unready for School- by Rosemary Wells


7. Show Pride

One final way that parents can help their children get ready for their first day of kindergarten is to continue to show pride and love for them. Children who feel confident at home will have an easier time transitioning to the classroom, making friends, and getting settled into the routine of school.

While the first day of kindergarten can be filled with anxiety and joy, it can be a very magical moment as well.

Do you have any other ways to celebrate the first day of Kindergarten? 






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  1. Amazing tips. I like the first suggestion – me to act as a teacher and help my kids rehearse events in school. This sure would help them prepare their first day in school with confidence and fun. I am just as excited as them.


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