Water Parks: Good, Clean Fun for the Whole Family

The heat of summer really brings out people’s love for water – and lots of it, too. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a beach and some people are not keen on the ocean for swimming. Thankfully, water parks are around to provide many fun activities for both children and adults.

With technology slowly taking over various aspects of our lives, it is hard to consciously disconnect yourself from the rest of the world. Parents, teenagers, and even young children now own at least one mobile device, in which they can play games, send messages, go online, and perform a multitude of other tasks. Wholesome activities that encourage people to go out and interact with other people are a great way to break out of the ‘techie’ lifestyle and enjoy each other’s company.

Most gadgets, including smartphones, tablets and digital cameras are not supposed to get wet, although many waterproof models are already being sold in stores. But since you get on these gigantic slides that go all the way down to the pool, bringing gadgets with you is not the safest and most practical thing to do. The environment in water parks just doesn’t leave you any other choice but to have fun with your family, friends, and the people around you. Being ‘unplugged’ for several hours to a day makes you appreciate the time you can actually spend with important people, according to kidventurous.com.

Unlike beaches, water parks can be found everywhere. There are huge parks in certain areas, but you don’t really have to go to those places to have a fun-filled day with your loved ones. As well as sky-high slides, water parks often have water play areas that usually contain fountains and tunnels.

Another great thing about water parks is that the entrance fee is cheap and sometimes even free. You can always check in with the Department of Parks and Recreation in your area for a list of nearby water parks. The park also allows guests to enjoy affordable and delicious food from full-service concession stands, and have their meals on picnic tables.

Summer is a very busy season for water parks. Kids’ day camps flock to the parks along with other guests, so if you wish to visit a not-so-crowded water park, it is best to call the park administration office ahead of time. Also think about what you need to pack for the day, and what the kids might need. A good guide is to be found on Getaway Tips.

To maximize you water park vacation, make sure that you pack at least two comfortable and well-fitting swimsuits. Keep in mind that the activities at a water park are very different from casual swimming. At the park, you can go down slides, swim in splash pools, and ride rafts down the lazy river, so having a well-fitting swimsuit is extremely important. Bring your flip-flops or shower shoes so that it is easy to walk around the park between attractions. Sun protection/clothing, accessories and skin products are also must-haves when going to a water park. You may also bring flotation devices for children as well as food and beverages.

 What is your favorite way to enjoy summer?




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  1. Great review! My family is certain a techy family, LOL, but we LOVE water parks. Last Summer, we spent 3 days at Gret Wolf Lodge in VA. It was great! My kids wanted to go on the water slides all day long. By the end of the day they were so tuckered out. Shower, dinner and off to bed!

    • I’m so jealous that you got spend time at Great Wolf Lodge. That is one of my dream vacations with the family. I want to go to the one in Charlotte, NC. I also want to go to Universal Studios with my family. Those are the only two places in US that I REALLY want to go to.

  2. I too love going to water parks. Also a beach is 250 miles away from my home so it’s not easy for me to make a ‘beach’ plan. So, me and my family just go to water parks and have a great fun.

    • That’s cool. I personally am highly allergic and can’t enjoy the beach. I can walk along the edge of it, but I can’t stay for long periods of time. I literally break out in hives from getting in the ocean water to much, and if it’s windy at the beach I’m terribly up creek. I LOVE the view of the beach and watching the waves. However, my body doesn’t like it. 🙁 Water parks are such fun. I REALLY want to take my kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC.

    • That definitely hurts the pockets I’m sure. We got a YMCA with a decent size water part in our area, and we have the family membership. So, summer time is filled with lots of trip to the Y.

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