Valentine’s Day Thoughts..

Valentine’s Day is coming up on us fast. I do declare it was January 1st only a few hours ago. I guess the old saying, “that time flies when your having fun” is so utterly true.

Del got my Valentine’s Day gifts already. I just have to wait for them to come in from the jeweler’s. I have no clue what to get him. I love him dearly, but our tastes in things are totally different!! In our case, opposites definitely attracted!! (Of course, that’s why we can balance each other out so well too.) He asked me last night why I didn’t pick out gifts for him. I told him the truth, and he didn’t agree with me. He doesn’t realize how many times I pick out things for him only to hear him say he doesn’t like them.rose

I just don’t argue when he buys things for himself when he does it because I know when I want something all I have to do it mention it, and when he’s able I’ll have it. I would love to know what to get him…but….I’m guilty of not paying attention to him mentioning the things he’d like to have. Nine times out of ten there is a hundred things going through my mind at one time. I focus on the things that I’m able to do something about at that given moment. I do my best to remember the rest of the things that have to be done. I’ve always made it known if you want me to remember to do something that I have to write it down. Do you suffer with the same thing??? Your spouse means the world to you, but by the time you get to settle down and talk to them, you don’t pay attention like you should??truelove

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday. I just wonder if there is a lack of romance being done throughout the entire year? On one of the new’s shows I was watching this morning, it stated that the average person is spending $126.00 on their special person in their lives. I was amazed by that figure. Yet, I spend on average of about 100-150 per kid on Christmas and birthday gifts. So, I really shouldn’t have been that surprised.

What things do you do with your spouse on Valentine’s Day?? I’m looking for ideas.




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