An Uncommonly Good Way to Find Wedding Party Gifts

My best friend in the world got engaged a few months ago and I’m so excited for her that I could explode. We’ve known each other since high school and I absolutely adore her fiancé. I can’t wait for her to start a family and make me an unofficial “aunt.”

I’ve been helping her plan for the wedding and wow, is there a lot to do! My husband and I didn’t go through the whole wedding planning process, as we eloped, so I’m experiencing all of this for the first time. A traditional wedding involves lots of gift-giving, starting with bridal shower surprises and ending with a variety of wedding presents. Among the gifts exchanged should be something to thank the friends and family who will play an integral part of the wedding. This doesn’t just apply to gifts for the bridesmaids; it’s also important to send the groomsmen a nice gift for standing by their man during his happiest and most stressful hour.

With a world of potential bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts out there, my friend was paralyzed. Each person has their own preferences and personality. Should she and her fiancé shop for individual gifts for each person or buy matching ones? What’s the customary way to do it? Did they risk offending someone by getting them something they wouldn’t like?

Just as my friend was starting to panic and overthink things, I e-mailed her a link to Uncommon Goods. I’ve been shopping with them for years because I like how they promote sustainability and socially responsible practices. Since these values are important to my friend, as well, I knew she’d be happy to buy from them. They’ve also got a huge selection of bridesmaid gifts, from sentimental necklaces and comfy robes to “adult” beverage paraphernalia that make it easy for the entire group to celebrate being married women.

Guys are notoriously hard to buy for, which is why I love Uncommon Goods’ selection of items for men. With her fiancé’s help, I knew they’d be able to find the perfect lineup of presents for the guys in the wedding party. You simply can’t go wrong with Scotch-infused toothpicks, a glass with a built-in beer bottle opener, or a set of whiskey stones. For those who don’t imbibe, there are warming slippers and an equally-warming hot sauce set.

Thanks to this great one-stop shopping resource, she’s got one item marked off her wedding to-do list. Now, on to the 99,000 other things!




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