How to Transform a Cluttered Home

Clutter sneaks up on homeowners before many of them ever realize it. Everything might seem like it’s in the proper place, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t too much of it. The show “Hoarders” even covered homeowners who were incredibly organized with the items they saved but who still had way too much stuff! If you’re approaching a home that’s too cluttered, or if you just want to add some more space to your home, follow these four steps for some quick improvement.

Tackle the Clutter One Room at a Time

Entering a cluttered home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re planning on using a junk removal service to create new space and get rid of the past. To prevent the anxiety and frustration of cleaning house, start with one part of the house, like the laundry room or the bathroom. What shampoo bottles can be thrown out?

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What prescriptions have expired? Once you finish the easy rooms, tackle the more difficult offices, closets, and bedrooms one step (and even one day) at a time.

Identify Seasonal Items for Storage

While some items might look great in your home at certain times, they might not be appropriate all year round. Identify items that are ideal for seasonal showings, then move them into storage. For example, brooms, scarecrows, and art with heavy reds and browns are good for fall, while pieces with bright blues and yellows are perfect for summer.
This is an ideal compromise for homeowners who want to reduce clutter but who don’t want to actually get rid of anything they own. Seasonal items should be placed in storage until it’s time for them to come out. If they don’t get used, they can be donated or sold.

Clean as You Go

Instead of decluttering your entire house and then going back and breaking out the cleaning supplies, clean as you go so that you have to go through the house only once. If you start by removing clutter in the laundry room, then run a mop over the floor and dust behind the machines and on top of the cabinets before moving on to the next room. Not only does this give you a break from removing the things you don’t need, but it also lets you look at the finished room with a sense of pride before stepping into the next messy and cluttered one.

Look for Multi-Use Furniture

One of the top decorating trends for 2016 is multi-use furniture, which allows homeowners to store items out of sight but still close at hand. For example, look for a bed that has drawers underneath in which you can place your extra sheets and winter clothes during the summer. Another option is to look for a hollow coffee table that can double as a storage bin. You won’t need both a coffee table and a storage bin, because one piece of furniture will do the work of two.

Removing clutter can be stressful for many homeowners, but it’s also a great way to start a new life and symbolize transition. You’re getting rid of (or organizing and hiding) the chaotic parts of your life and only using (or showing) the practical parts in the future. Enjoy your de-cluttered home and a fresh start!



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