Tips on getting through the long winter evenings with sanity intact

Winter is never an easy time of year. If you have young kids or dogs in the house, you’ll know that simply getting in and out of the house can become a logistical problem – unless you’re happy to have the first few yards of your home splashed in mud as everyone comes in and out!

For some people the worst thing about winter is the way the evenings can feel like they’re dragging – the trouble is they start too early. Although we’re now headed towards more daylight later into the day, the evenings at this time of year can still feel very long, especially when you’ve got the kids tucked up in bed and peace reigns.

There’s no chance of spending that time outside as you might do in the summertime. Instead, you need to think of some alternatives to just watching the TV. Of course, we have plenty of entertainment on tap thanks to the internet. You might choose to spend those quiet winter evenings catching up on emails, or seeing which of your friends is doing what on social media.

There’s also a huge choice of different online games, but you may have to be selective on what you play at the end of a busy day. Some games require too much thought – like chess, for example. For those times when you just want some easy entertainment, pick a game like bingo. There are masses of bingo sites to choose from such as bgo, Instant Bingo and Sky and they all offer bonus credits to new players. For instance, if you want to play some of the games of bingo from you’ll get a 500% bonus when you first put money into your account. That makes the value game of bingo even better value!

Bingo’s an ideal ‘zone-out’ game as you don’t actually have to do anything to play – the software will mark your matching numbers if you have them, and declare a win if you get one. While you watch what’s happening, you might decide to strike up a conversation with other players in the bingo site chat rooms. So, as well as being entertaining, online bingo can be sociable too.

If you’re feeling more energized, those long winter evenings can be a good time to get on with crafting projects. It helps if you have the space to leave projects set out so that you can just pick up where you left off, but not all of us have the luxury of a studio room or space in the house.

Another idea is to do some exercise – but the indoor kind, so you don’t have to arrange a sitter for the kids or head out in the cold! There are some great exercise apps for yoga, pilates and other stretching exercises, where the only bit of equipment you’ll need is your phone or tablet, and a bit of floor space.

These are just a few ideas, of course, for different evening activities away from the TV. The important thing is to mix up how you spend that time – even if you’re limited to staying at home. If you have a few ideas up your sleeve, winter evenings won’t seem like a drag – they’ll feel like an opportunity to get things done!




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    • It is very important for sure. It’s not always easy to make yourself get it when you’re busy working on stationary projects.

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