#TidbitsThursday 11/7/2013

I can’t believe I’m already doing my #TidbitsThursday post. It is crazy how quickly 2013 is rolling through.

Green’s Tidbits


It’s been crazy here. Zeva had her check up, and her fussing is just a part of her personality (so far, but we are going to keep tabs on it.) We were told our house was sold, but then come to find out we’re still sitting in the limbo state of things. I can’t stand being in limbo over anything major. However, that is a part of life for everyone!

The boys school has been totally crazy!! I feel like we’ve been all over the place on that one. Of course, that may have more to do with the fact that Delbert is all over the place when he’s doing his work. I literally feel like I’m watching a ping pong ball go all over the room when he’s doing his work. He passes his test with flying colors. So, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

This is Del’s only day off for the week and I have no clue when he’s getting another day off again. He’s torn between spending time with me and playing his new Call of Duty game. (Right now the game is winning, but it’s so wonderful to hear him playing a game again!! He needs to relax!)

He literally has a long hectic schedule for the next few weeks due to the XBOX One and Playstation 4 hitting the shelves. So, he’s going to be a missed man! I’m just grateful that he’s willing to put forth this much effort to take care of his family so that I can be home.

FedEx was suppose to deliver a package to me today, but I haven’t heard a peep about my package being delayed nor is it here. I’m NOT a fan of FedEx. If I could ban all companies from using them to deliver my packages, I’d do it in a heartbeat. They love to throw packages over gates, or deliver them and I have no clue they even came by. (UPS did that to me ONCE when they had a new driver on our route, and I called them about it. I got a personal apology from the rep on the phone and the driver the next day.) I’m not one to talk bad about a company if I can help it, but FedEx has left a burr underneath my back and they’ve yet to do anything to remove it.

I got to watch the  Activision Family Summit online today, and I totally loved it! I’m a huge fan of their products. I may be reviewing some of their products here soon on the blog too. I’m totally utterly excited about that fact! My boys are beside themselves with excitement over it.

Blogging Tips

I’ve been involved in quite a few things this week concerning learning different things about blogging. The first thing that happened this week that was totally utterly awesome was I got my BookBub email that I look forward to EVERYDAY. In it, there was the book How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)ir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00F0XYIMI for .99 (it’s back to the normal price of $4.99.) I totally utterly LOVE IT! I noticed on Amazon it has a total of 78 other (I’m one of the reviewers listed) people that totally agree with me. This book is filled with valuable information! If the book isn’t enough, you can also get resources from the author’s website too! It’s just a remarkable investment. I’ve read many blogging books, and have found some to be quite helpful. However, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get my hands on one that made me actually do some action. (Notice the change in layout on my page.)

I’ve got to take some time to really dig into my Pinterest page and organize it completely. Find some people who want to really interact with me on there too. I knew Pinterest was all important, but I didn’t realize how important. I’ve heard it a thousand times now, but seeing it in the form this author put it just made me actually SEE it!

I also got to attend some of the #learntoblog hangout by Kelli and Crystal about making my site faster. Which I still have to do some of the things they mentioned in the video. However, there just aren’t enough hours in a day. I’m working on it. I just also have to prioritize my time.

I’ve also applied for to be a part of an internship that really interests me. I don’t know if  I’ll get in, but one can hope. If I get it, I do believe it will open some doors for me that I desperately want to walk through. Yes, I know just something else for me to do as Del puts it. However, to his credit he fully supports me. So do the kids, we work well together as a team to make everything happen.

Even though I’ve been doing my blog hopping and commenting, I can’t say I’ve had a blog that has stood out and made me think about it beyond when I read it. Normally I have at least one. Of course, to the other bloggers defense, I’ve been looking at food recipes getting ideas for ways to stretch out our food budget this month a lot. I’ve also been trying to gain some ideas for what to do for my mother-in-laws birthday that the kids could do rather cheaply for her. So, I haven’t been reading my typical types of blogs. I’m not sure if you’d be interested in me featuring those things. (IF you are, the good ones are pinned on my Pinterest page under foods and craft boards!) So, I’ve been finding some amazing food and craft bloggers! (In some ways, I really think they have more work involved with their blogs than mine ever thought out about having!)

Well, I’ve rambled enough. I hope this finds you doing well.


What has your week been like so far? 

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46 comments on “#TidbitsThursday 11/7/2013”

  1. I kinda feel the same way you do about FedEx. I much prefer UPS, partly because they have that My Choice program which is so great about informing you about impending deliveries.

    • That program is definitely very helpful! It makes life so much easier for when you plan out your day when you’re expecting deliveries (which I seem to be at least three to four times a week.)

  2. That blogging book sounds like a great deal for 99 cents. I’m always open to learning new things. And I agree, Pinterest is a great place to invest some time.

    • It definitely is a very good book. I also have gone to the website which is filled with even more information too!

      I’m finding out just how valuable Pinterest is. 🙂

  3. I’ve never had a problem with Fedex, but I have with UPS. They’ve tossed my stuff around before and delivered to the wrong address. I guess it’s all where you live.

    • It very well may be all in where we live. I’m noticing that trend in the comments that are being made on this blog post. 🙂 Maybe if we all pitched in together and called these service companies customer service we may be what helps make the difference.

  4. Your FedEx sounds horrible. It must be the workers in your area because our FedEx is great here. They will even put my packages in a special box I have on my porch to keep them from getting wet. I would complain to your local company.

    • Must be nice to have a good FedEx. I had to resort to Twitter the other day, and they customer service @FedExHelp was very nice and quickly gave me my information concerning my package. That was the most help I’ve had from FedEx in all the years I’ve been dealing with them. So maybe things will turn around now with them too. One can hope!!

  5. I’m not a fan of FedEx either. They’re just horrible but UPS isn’t that much better although just a little. I watched part of the Activision Family Summit as well and my boys are looking forward to the Spongebob Game. I just reviewed Skylanders Swap Force from them. My son is a big Skylander fan and this was no exception.

    • My boys couldn’t wait to dig into the Spongebob Game. We got the Activision package this year to review. As soon as we slow down enough, we’re going to play the WipeOut game. We have all of the Skylanders games here too. They are a lot of fun. They are just challenging enough that even Del plays them with our boys too. (Full reviews for all of those games and more are coming very soon!)

    • I get emails from both UPS and FedEx letting me know when I’m getting my packages and from where. I keep close tabs on those emails. I also get an email when my packages are delivered too within minutes of delivery. It makes life a lot easier for sure!

  6. We are lucky here our Fedex and Ups are really good here in the uk we have a company called Yodel and i hate them,then again most people do they mark your delivery as delivered but you never see it and i had one that was delivered 6 weeks late i was not happy.also they love to throw things around and even open your package.

    • Oh wow..That company definitely sounds like one I’ve had a major issue with for sure. Glad to hear your local FedEx and UPS are good in your area.

  7. Good luck to you and getting your UPS package! I hate when they are late! This week was spent doing a lot of cleaning and catch up on blog work. Hopefully to finally get caught up with the blog and the household chores so I can enjoy more of the upcoming holidays.

    • UPS has been great in our area. I’m in the same boat of trying to get caught up on my product reviews that I have to get done. I’m trying to get them out in an order that makes sense.

      I also hope to enjoy the holiday season more this year. Of course, my down time is blogging and all it entails. 🙂

  8. Sorry you have issues with your FedEx driver. I actually love ours. It’s UPS that tends to whip stuff at our door and run lol. I need to get to my Pinterest and really organize it too. It definitely is a great tool for us bloggers to use!

    • Sorry to hear that your UPS is bad. I’ve had one bad experience with our UPS delivery. I called ours and they fixed it, and I never had an issue again.

      I’m trying to figure out how to get my Pinterest in order the way I want it. It’s very time consuming since I’ve already done a good bit of pinning.

    • I wouldn’t mind them letting me know they are here. It’d be a whole lot nicer than having my packages thrown over the fence with no notification that they were even here (even with the gates wide open.)

  9. I am SO excited for the release of the XBox One and PS4, and I don’t even play video games, lol. I have a family full of people who do though. 🙂

    I’m partial to USPS (post office), but biased because my hubby is a mailman. 😉

    • I’m actually pretty partial to USPS too because my best friend’s husband is our mailman, and because my sister works for them too.

      I’m eager to see both systems in my husband’s man cave too. I’m more excited about the XBOX One. The funny thing is I was so gun hoo that my husband have the PS3, that I bought it for him when it came out. He now loves it.

    • That is definitely strange for sure that you’re missing many packages from them. Makes me wonder what the deal is with FedEx.

  10. Sounds like you are really busy. I am not a fan of Fedex either, I had one of their drivers behind me honking trying to force me to drive onto a crowded road. My little one still freaks out when he sees their trucks because the driver was that aggressive. It has been over a year and I still have to get him to look away before he sees that truck.

    • Oh wow..That would be rather scary for sure.

      I usually stay busy, but if I slow down I go into a massive depression. It’s not worth it at all.

  11. Both our FedEx and UPS delivery people are great and I am so thankful. It is bad when you have the ones that throw packages and such. That does sound like a good resource for blogging and at only 99 cents it is a steal.

    • It was a steal, but even at the normal price it is still a great book.

      I’m glad that you have both good FedEx and UPS delivery people. In our line of work, that’s vitally important. Of course, this last FedEx ordeal they went above and beyond because I made a shout out on Twitter.

  12. I am definitely interested in the book. I see I can borrow it since I have Prime. I might just do that. I need to organize my Pinterest board too.

    • Don’t you love Prime?? My husband and I are desperately hooked on Prime. I love all the added benefits I get with it. It’s more than saved us over the course of the year what it’s annual fee is!

  13. Looks like you have had a hectic time – I hope your parcel turned up we have a company that likes to throw things about here as well they are such a nightmare! x

    • I tried to send you an email on your contact me page, but it didn’t work. I also gave you a shout out on Twitter. I have a surprise for you. 😉

  14. I need to do blog cleaning everywhere! It is amazing how organizing can do so much to keep things on track. I have had issues with both FedEx and UPS but it is actually the driver, not the company I have issues with.

    • I am trying to get everything organized again. I was just now able to get the Calendar plugin to work on my blog for the first time in AGES. So, I’m super excited about that fact. 🙂

      You’re right the drivers are the ones causing the issues.

  15. I dislike my fedex here, They are lazy I live in a upstairs apartment and if my packages are small and light they just toss them on the up the stairs and yells package. LAZY much! I love the UPS though they are awesome!

  16. What aggravates me about Fedex is that they knock quick and run. If you need a signature you barely have enough time to make it to the door. Fedex has a notifcation service too. I get notifications from UPS and Fedex.

  17. I love my FedEx guy!! I’m so sorry that you aren’t happy with them. As another blogger, the relationship with our delivery men/women are an important one! 🙂

    • You are so right that our delivery drivers are vital to our success. I’ve had packages not come when I was expecting them more than once now that has put a major kink in my blogging plans.

  18. Our old FedEx driver was a delight. The newer one is not my favorite. So far my week is going well. Keeping my fingers crossed for continued good luck.

    • You are so blessed with your FedEx driver.

      Glad your week is going well. I hope it stayed that way for the remainder of the week.

  19. I have to say I love our FedEx driver. I’ve never had any issues with him – which is good since he ends up coming to our house about three times a week, at least! LOL. I’m sorry to hear that you have issues with yours. 🙁

    • I am glad to hear you have a good FedEx driver. I wish I could do interviews for my local FedEx driver position, and get a good one in our area.

  20. Thanks for a great blogging resource, I love to learn more and improve my skills; as for Fedex and UPS, I don’t have bad experience with either.. I use Fedex at work ALL the time and even have a personal consultant that drives me crazy, he calls me at least 2 times a month and every time “Sammy” ..yup that’s his name calls the girls laugh because they swear he likes to talk tome that’s the only reason he calls…lol.. So Fedex is great and my UPS girl is wonderful, sorry you aren’t having luck with yours…:-(

    • I’m so jealous of the fact that you have a good driver with both of your delivery companies. I get packages all the time, and it is so vital that they do their job right. I’ve called my local FedEx many times over our driver issues. We’ll see what happens now that I’ve made this blog post. I’ve noticed a growing trend that when a company hears a blogger complain it makes a difference.

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