Thursdays Tidbits #2 #WorkFromHome

I told you each Thursday I was going to talk about the things I’ve learned for the past week. This week has been an eye opening situation.

Now on to the other things I’ve learned… No matter how much I want my kids and I have to a schedule for school. It’s going to be a dream that will most likely NOT happen. We are surrounded by to many forms of interruptions. Luckily I know my kids will get their heads wrapped around the materials as I can give it to them. It was easy to do that with one child. I don’t know if it’s going to be as possible with two kids. I may have to start locking my door and set my phone up with voice mail stating what times I’m available. I hate to do that, but I’m not willing to let my kids education take a back seat!!

Delbert’s birthday was yesterday (hence, why I didn’t have a blog post up about marriage of any kind. I think you understand. 😉 ) He is totally happy with his presents. He got many odd and end toys. He did get Turbo and Pikimin 3 video game for our Wii. The Pikimin 3 is for the Wii U. The Turbo he got in Wii form so he could play it here and at his grandparents house. I have the Turbo Wii U on the way from Gamefly for me to see the differences between the two.

Then my husband decided to give the kids boxes. They decided to make themselves into little transformers.

Of course, Zeva had to make sure the world knew her Daddy was HERS!


I feel like I’ve walked into a new dimension!! I knew our Internet world had changed the way we’ve done things a lot. I have been looking for online work for years now!! I have been making money online for a while now, but not enough to pay all of our bills yet.

I feel confident that I have found a system that is 100% legit. I’ve got to see first hand that people who are doing this are getting PAID. It’s crazy!! It feels like a wild dream!!

I know many of you are going to feel like it’s just another scam. I am also one of those who would have shied away from this kind of thing too. If I hadn’t seen the proof personally then I wouldn’t have jumped on board either!

Who doesn’t like to #workfromhome? Who doesn’t like to jump on board with some great services? I know we are huge fans of Gamefly, Netflix, and like to keep track of our credit score. Plus I love earning free gift cards with companies like Zoombucks.

If it sounds like something that may be of interest to you, then click ———> HERE.

Can you say I’ve had an eventful week? What has your week been like?




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