The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

If you have a teen with emotional or behavioral problems, wilderness therapy programs can help restore normal behavior patterns. Through enjoyable outdoor activities, your teen can benefit from therapeutic experiences that help boost independence, confidence and self-esteem.

When teenagers are confronted with personal hardships, family conflicts or peer pressure from other kids at school, they often develop emotional or behavioral problems. When troubled teens are removed from stressful situations, they have a chance to relax and focus on positive thoughts and self-expression. The simple beauty and serenity found in nature reflects a peaceful environment that promotes positive thoughts, self-discovery and a sense of well-being.

Hiking through nature’s wilderness is a great way to reduce stress and escape from destructive surroundings and relationships. You get to enjoy beautiful scenery while getting healthy exercise and clean, fresh air. Hiking through serene mountains, fields, streams and park trails filled with trees, flowers, birds and wildlife allows you to experience a sense of freedom. The tranquil beauty of nature lets you focus on your thoughts and actions with a clear mind.

If you enjoy being on the water, canoeing and kayaking are the perfect way to explore nature. Both canoes and kayaks, lightweight boats powered by hand paddles, are great for traveling through the shallow, peaceful waters of lakes and rivers where paddles are easy to maneuver. Whether you prefer a quiet lake with camping and fishing or a fast-moving river that offers more adventure, canoeing and kayaking provide a peaceful escape on the water. Safely steering the boat helps build self-reliance, self-confidence and independent thinking skills that are essential for making good decisions.

Many teens are negatively affected by their immediate surroundings. Their emotions and behaviors are heavily influenced by family life, friendships and school environment. If these relationships present problems, teens can internalize conflicts or act-out with erratic or violent behaviors. A journey into the peaceful surroundings of nature gives troubled teens a chance to get in touch with their feelings and experience self-discovery. Instead of rushing around, they learn to be still and reflect.

If you’re a parent with a troubled teen, consider the benefits of a wilderness program at Wood Creek Academy. It’s a great way to enlighten the spirit, cleanse the mind and build positive thoughts and behaviors for the future. A journey that explores the beauty and serenity of nature can do wonders for the soul.




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  1. It’s so important to listen to teenagers. They have so much so say, but sometimes the message doesn’t come out that easily and one needs to find ways to interact with them properly.
    I like this the idea behind this kind of therapy.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it, Crystal.

    • I am dealing with a preteen who doesn’t know how to properly express himself, but slowly but surely we are making progress on him doing that better.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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