Reject the ‘Teeny Taboo’: Why There’s Nothing Wrong with Having a Small Penis

For many men, penis size is a major source of anxiety and insecurity. Pop culture reinforces myths that bigger is better when it comes to endowment. But the truth is, size doesn’t matter as much as you think. Here’s why having a small penis isn’t something to feel ashamed or worried about and why you should reject the harmful ‘teeny taboo’ stigma.

Women Aren’t as Focused on Size as You Are

Numerous surveys reveal that the vast majority of women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size. In one poll, 84% of women said they were very happy with their man’s dimensions. Guys tend to obsess over size much more than women do. So rest assured, she’s probably not judging you the way you fear.

You Can Still Please Her Physically

A smaller penis can still provide intense pleasure. The average vagina is only 3-4 inches deep when aroused. Important pleasure centers like the clitoris and G-spot are accessible with a small penis or even fingers. It’s your sexual skill, not your size alone that matters most.

Focus on Foreplay, Oral, and Using Your Hands

With a smaller penis, you may need to spend more time on activities like kissing, touching, oral sex, manual stimulation, and incorporating sex toys. But guess what? Women love all that stuff. Take the time to build arousal, intimacy and satisfy her before you enter her.

Try Positions Made for a Smaller Size

Certain positions like rear entry or woman on top are ideal for a smaller penis. The angles allow you to hit her G-spot and penetrate deeply. Let her control the speed and depth. With a little experimentation, you’ll find what works best.

Confidence and Effort Are Sexy

More than your specific size, women care about you being comfortable and confident in bed. Generosity, intimacy, and learning new techniques to please her are all far sexier than simply having a big appendage. Effort reveals caring.

The bottom line is a smaller penis doesn’t preclude amazing sex. Keep the focus on your partner’s pleasure, get creative, and your size will be the last thing on her mind.

Don’t Let Insecurity Sabotage Your Sex Life

It’s understandable to feel self-conscious about your size. But don’t let insecurity ruin your enjoyment or intimacy. Being preoccupied with what you lack can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, work on your strengths as a lover. Pay attention to her cues, be enthusiastic about pleasuring her, and your confidence will grow.

There Are Some Advantages to a Smaller Size

While pop culture glorifies huge penises, they aren’t always better. Here are some perks of having a smaller endowment:

  • Women don’t have to worry about discomfort or pain from penetration. A smaller penis may feel more pleasurable.
  • Condoms are less likely to slip off or feel too tight and uncomfortable.
  • Oral sex and hand jobs may come easier due to fewer gag reflex issues or fatigue for her.
  • There’s less performance pressure. She likely has lower expectations, so you can focus on enjoying each other.
  • Women appreciate your effort to be a generous, creative lover. Your sexual skills get a chance to shine.

Don’t Let Stigma Get You Down

There’s no denying that the small penis stigma exists. But don’t let it wreck your self-esteem. Being teeny shouldn’t be taboo; our culture also has warped beauty standards for women’s bodies, yet most women learn self-acceptance. You determine your own worth. If a partner ever makes negative comments about your size, that’s a problem with them, not you. Prioritize your own confidence.

The male body comes in many shapes and sizes, and I’m grateful that my wife, Crystal, appreciates my body just the way it is.

Regardless of dimensions, you deserve to feel comfortable and confident. With the right attitude, smaller can be just as satisfying!




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