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I have finally slowed down long enough to watch the movie that Lifetime played awhile back called the “The Pregnancy Project” http://www.mylifetime.com/movies/the-pregnancy-project/about. I decided to use this as a starting point for discussion with my 8 year old son. Yes, that is an early age to be talking about sex with him. However, let me assure you that I remember being that young and sex being a big part of my life already (NOT by choice, but it was still there.) He is also old enough and smart enough to grasp what I’m saying to him. If there is anyway in this world that I can convince my kids that their bodies are worth waiting until they are married to have sex, I’m going to do it!!! That doesn’t mean I’m going to be successful by any means.
I’m not saying that teen pregnancy means the end of the world or that it is the most terrible thing that can happen to them. However, I am saying that I want them to have the chance to make the most of their lives. I want them to be with a partner in their lives who also shares their morals and values in life. I want them NOT to have any past history to be an issue in their marriages.
Sex didn’t mean to me growing up what it does now, and it was because I didn’t have someone to freely talk to about sex and encourage me to wait. Sex changes your life in so many ways. I NEVER want my kids to wonder what is/isn’t suppose to happen between them and another person. If someone hurt my kids in that manner, I do declare that person better run for their life. I couldn’t honestly say what my response would be, but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be a good one for that person. I still suffer from my abuse, and it has royally messed up my life. I want my kids to be able to talk to me freely about their lives and relationships because I want to help them make the decisions that are best for them. (Even if that ends up being totally different from what I feel is best for them.) The saying, “Momma knows best” is NOT always true. My mom meant well, but she didn’t always know what was best for me, and actually held me back from having what I wanted and needed in my life by some of the restrictions she placed on me in my life.
I think this is a good movie, and it helps show the public many different angles concerning teen pregnancy. However, my wish and goal would be to see this nation turn back to the way God intended it to be. Sex is a wonderful thing within marriage. A wise person once told me, you can’t compare your spouse to someone else when you haven’t had sex with someone else.



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