#Target Wedding Registry Gift Suggestions

This is a sponsored post for Target. That in no way shaped my opinion of this company or the products they offer. 

Many couples want to have the perfect wedding to remember their special day. I have too say that I never really had my perfect wedding. However, if I did decide to create a new wedding to renew my vows with the man I love, I would definitely have to consider using Target Wedding Registry.
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After a long night of romancing the newlyweds are going to need a huge pick me up. I would definitely recommend that you getting the couple the Keurig Single Cup K75. I have not personally had the pleasure of trying this coffee maker, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. 

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Target has so many wonderful gifts for the bride and groom. Every couple needs kitchen supplies to create those romantic dinners. I personally would love to own the KitchenAid 4.5QT Empire Red. I would love to cook a romantic meal with this Calphalon pot and pan set myself.


When I look at this table and all of the things on it that come from Target I’m ready to go buy it. I love the Threshold 16 piece Wellsbridge Dinner set in Aqua so much. It reminds me of the old time dishes, but it also has a current trendy look to them too. I would enjoy having that cutting board in my kitchen. Target has everything you need to fully deck out your table settings. Just a side note, I honestly think that table is gorgeous too.

There are plenty of other wonderful gift suggestions you can choose from in the Target Wedding Catalog.  You can find out more by viewing the catalog. You can also check out Target’s website.

What do you see in it that would make a great gift for a couple you know getting married? 



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  1. I’m a Target kind of girl. I think registering there is genius! You could outfit your whole home in style with Target. It’s my happy place. My Target even has a Starbucks so basically I could live there. <3 –Lisa

    • I have become a huge fan of Target over the past couple of years myself. I wish we had one closer to us. The one I go to also has a Starbucks in it too. I can see why you’d want to live in yours.

    • I’ve never had the pleasure of trying their products, but I’ve always had my eyes on them. Thank you for telling me they are worth it.

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