Let The Extra Beat Keep You Motivated ANYWHERE

I told you that I was working on losing weight throughout 2013. I have actually been making some progress. I have no clue how much I’ve lost already, but it’s noticeable when I look in a mirror. Plus I have others telling me that they notice it too.

Music  Helps Keep You Moving

I can’t resist the urge to dance when I have music on. I think that got passed on to my daughter too because she’s the same exact way.I’ve been trying to pick exercise routines that allow me to use my iPhone as an iPod.

I have been stuck inside a lot lately because of the rain we’ve been having. Today though it looks like it’s a beautiful day outside, but the weather man is still calling for rain. Now if I had a Waterproof iPod All Sport Bundle   I wouldn’t mind taking the risk riding my bike around the block. I wouldn’t lose my “little helper” if I got caught in the rain. Yes, I have to have music blaring in my ears to make it the five miles on my bike. Zeva is one heavy child.

I also love the fact that I can wear these while I’m swimming as well. If we do gain another YMCA membership, it would be worth it to invest in these! I’d be more inclined to finish more laps because I wouldn’t get bored just stroking from one end to end.

Let the music keep you motivated!

Have you tried them yourselves?




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  1. If I had those I’d be a happier momma. I love listening to music but stress out about getting expensive electronics wet. Hmmm…. Tempting.

    • It is VERY tempting for sure!!! I thought they would be far more expensive too, but they aren’t overly priced either when you compare all the features included.

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