Stages of Childhood

As I’m sure any parent has learned, the older my kids get the less they want to be cuddled or even be by my side. They gain their sense of independence earlier and earlier. Zeva is only 5 months old, and she’s already squirming out of my arms and wanting to attempt to crawl all over the living room floor. Of course, she does more rolling over movements than actual crawling. However, that’s the first step in her learning how to move on her own. Last night I put her in her crib thinking she was asleep, and Del came out complaining that she still wasn’t asleep. However, I left her in her crib and let her fuss for a little bit. (I knew she wasn’t fussing in an upset manner; it was more a frustrated fussing. So, I snuck back there without her seeing me only to watch her trying her darn est to reach up and grab at her stuffed frog that hangs over the top of her crib. She tried for so long to get it. She got to touch it with the tips of her fingers. Once she did that she laid down and just stared at it and proceeded to try and talk to it.) I walked back out to the living room with smiles on my face and Del looked at me puzzled. I told him that she was just trying to reach her stuffed animal. He told me that she’s just going to be standing and walking before we know it. She LOVES to stand up and attempt to walk. She HATES trying to crawl. I hear all the time how Del never did crawl; he bypassed that stage all together. So, of course, I get told she is going to be like her Daddy. She is so much like Del it’s unreal, but she has my looks “supposedly.”

Jimmy is getting older and hence wiser. He’s reached the smart behind stage already. It’s hard for me to not gripe about him being a smart behind because in some cases it’s rude and in then in other cases, it’s just him expressing his opinion about how something could be done differently. I’ve always taught my kids that there is usually “more than one way to skin a cat.” I don’t want him or any of my kids to lose the ability to “think outside of the box.” However, at the same time, I also want them to know “how to follow directions.” Lately for Jimmy that has been extremely difficult for him to do!!! It’s like he’s reached that wonderful stage of being stuck in the middle, “the stage where he has a mind of his own that wants to do things his way to show how much he knows and can do and the other side of the coin where he knows he better do what he’s told to do.” He reminds me of me so much!!! I went through that stage as well. I still catch myself “jumping the gun.” I tend to always find ways to do what is asked of me and still “do it with my style added to it.”

Delbert is almost five, and he’s so eager to turn five. It’s like five for him holds so special power. Although, I don’t know what Jimmy was able to do at five that he can’t do right now that Delbert is so excited about doing. Unless it’s school??? Since he is all the time begging to have school work given to him I would imagine that is most likely the answer. We are going to try like crazy to get him in a local public school that I know a good many of the teachers and really like them. If we do get him in that school and he does well, I’m hoping to keep him in that school. I HONESTLY and truly do not think I could handle home schooling Delbert. I’ll do it in a heartbeat if it comes down to him getting in trouble to much in school (which very well may happen; since he’s extremely hipper and also tends to have a bully side to him.) Delbert is the opposite of Jimmy in the sense that Delbert can go into a crowd of people of any age, race, personality, or any other issue, and get along with anyone as long as they are willing to be nice to him. HOWEVER, he is also a very “take charge” kind of person. UNFORTUNATELY, he gained that lovely trait from me. I’ve naturally had a take charge type of personality all of my life. I don’t mean to do it, and many times over in my life I can be the one hanging in the background and all of a sudden I’m the one leading the group without me even realizing I’ve ended up in that position. I do not have any problem being a follower. Yet, once I get the hang of something….I find ways to make it easier or produce the same quality and get it done in a more timely manner. Delbert does the same thing quite often. Since he’s become a big brother, he’s matured a LOT. It amazes me how much he grew up in a five month time frame all because he’s a big brother. He now rides his bike like a pro. He has always been considerate of others around him and loves to share and give gifts to others. Now though, he makes darn certain he spreads his love as evenly as possible to everyone in the family. He is such a big help with Zeva. Him and her have a bond that was built while she was in my tummy, and it just grows more intense with each passing day.

We are on summer break, and I’m uncertain how I’m going to handle all of their energy. Thank goodness for the water park from 12-6, my brother-in-law’s pool and kids, my in-laws always being creative and willing to entertain the kids, books, library trips, movies, and puppies growing up with them. Hopefully we’ll have a good time this summer.

What do you recommend I should definitely do as a creative FUN ACTIVE thing to do this HOT (and did I say HOT) summer activity with the boys?? Please keep in mind that Zeva will always be included and she’s still not walking YET.




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