Some Kids Video Game Reviews and Some Updates

I told you on Saturday’s I was going to post a giveaway of some kind. Well, this week’s giveaway was already posted earlier in this week. So be sure to jump in to win a prize from the new #GetOutAlive show HERE.

I’ve had an interesting week filled with many surprises. You can find out about the new things I’ve learned this week  HERE.  

Like many Americans, school officially starts for our kids on Monday morning. I’m dreading having to get up in the wee hours of the morning after being up to the late night hours with Del. However, it is called LIFE!! I have been reviewing the boys materials, and feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to combine many of their subjects together and teach them at the same time. Delbert is going to be a bit lost, and Jimmy is going to feel like’s getting a review a lot. However, I’ve noticed that many of the information being taught this year is review for both of them regardless. I found that to be rather interesting. I hope our changes in the way we have our home school area set up will make a difference.

Since it’s raining we’ve been playing the new video games quite a bit. Since I am retrying out again, I decided to be slick or at least, I thought I was being slick, and get the Turbo game for the Wii U since Momma got Delbert the regular Wii game version for his birthday. Boy that was a MISTAKE…. now the boys are begging to get the Wii U version instead. The Wii U version has a LOT more to offer. According to both the boys, it is way easier to control the snails. Plus they can do more together than just race. Delbert is most excited about the fact that he gets to use the classic Wii U remote finally for a game other than just Zombie U.

We also decided to create some kids video game reviews. We played Pikmin 3 for quite a while. Now that is a fun game in all of our eyes. I enjoy playing it myself too. A player is able to play using any of the Wii controllers they have such as the pro controller, the Wii U Game pad, or the Wii remote with the nunchuk. The case stated it was a two player game, but I found out that the only way to play two player is with the Bingo Challenge. Which we haven’t played it long enough to figure out how to get there YET. I also read online they are talking about doing an update to make it to where we can play multiplayer style with online players.

Del has some new games too that he is eager to play. Hopefully, he’ll have the chance tomorrow to play them. I certainly hope he does because he needs to unwind something fierce. I can’t wait until he works a reasonable amount of hours.

Well, the rest of the day is going to be spent with me popping in one movie after another while I work since it’s raining. The boys are leaving us girls in a just an hour and a half for their weekly visit with their grandparents.

What has your week been like??



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  1. We don’t have a WiiU yet the other half was trying to decide today if he wanted one though. I have to admit I quite like playing games aimed at the younger audience as well – I’m not really a full fighting force gamer.

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    • If you do get a Wii U, I know you’ll love it. It’s great for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime movies, and YouTube videos on. Plus if you have loved ones or friends who are on the Nintendo network you can do video chats. There are a lot of neat features in the Wii U games too. I have had it since it hit the shelves, and still brag about it!

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