Should You Have Your Florida Wedding At A Golf Course?

There are many exciting wedding venues to choose from throughout Florida. Outdoor ceremonies are often hosted from one end of the state to the other. The year-long warm weather is conducive to a wedding anytime.

This is particularly true when it comes to Florida’s many golf courses. They offer a luxurious way to share your special day with everyone you love, not just the one you are pledging your lifelong love to. For example, take a look at this beautiful wedding venue in Ocala.

All inclusive wedding packages offered by hotels and other venues are not as inclusive as they would like couples to believe they are. Yet when hosting a wedding at a Florida golf club, every possible aspect of the big day is included. The following is a list of services golf clubs may offer couples for their wedding day:

• Photo Booths
• DJs
• Food
• Table decorations
• Flowers
• Dance floors
• One suite ech for the bride and groom, and their attendants

Every golf course has a set group of vendors that they work with when hosting weddings. This, combined with the above-mentioned services, can save couples money on even the most elaborate ceremony and reception.

There is nothing like having wedding photos taken on the lush, spacious grounds of a golf course. Couples won’t find a more visually perfect long to capture lifelong memories on. The backdrop of each wedding photo will not only be flawless, but unique too. This wedding venue in Deland, FL would be an ideal backdrop for any romantic photo.

Golf courses boast features that enhance any couple’s wedding photos, including sweeping landscapes, waterfalls, beautiful plants, and trees. In addition, golf course clubhouses also provide unique opportunities for unforgettable photos to be taken. The grounds of every Florida golf club are well maintained. As a result, couples are guaranteed that they will be surrounded by manicured lawns on their wedding day.

Golf courses have multiple buildings, all of which can be easily accessed. This makes it easy for couples to choose a space that is just the right size to accommodate their wedding. Many buildings can even be divided into smaller sections for couples who want a more intimate affair. The kind of flexibility in planning, that a golf course offers over other venues is invaluable to the busiest couples.

Whether a couple chooses an indoor or outdoor ceremony, a golf club can easily accommodate them. In the event that inclement weather occurs in time to interfere with the ceremony, it can be moved into one of the buildings on the course.

While other public venues may book more than one event on the same day, golf courses can be rented out entirely for a couple’s wedding day. This ensures that there are no unauthorized individuals on the premises when a wedding is taking place.

Aside from the services and ambiance, golf courses are always heavily staffed during a wedding. This can include a slew of professionals such as hosts, coordinators, servers, chefs, valet services, and even an individual to oversee all of the day’s activities and traditions.

Any well-trained staff knows the golf course they work for like the back of their hands. They will be able to help a couple and their guests navigate the grounds efficiently. In addition, staff members are held to very high standards by the club they work for, so they will work extra hard to ensure the day is a rousing success.




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