Secrets Book one of The Glennbrooke Series- Book Review

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This book has me totally utterly chomping at the bit to read the rest of this series. I love a good romance, and this book definitely fits that bill to a T. There really isn’t as much suspense as I expected there to be with the actual “secret”, but it is still a good read. 
It definitely doesn’t paint a realistic approach to what life in the small town is truly like. Granted, people from small towns are very close knit and willing to help others in their town willingly. However, as my experience of being a new comer in a small town that I was raised in for over half my life, the residents were definitely NOT to eager to accept me as part of the town when they first met me. Rumors fly around faster than a hornets nest that gets disrupted. Often times, the rumors are nasty and very far from the truth. 
It took many years for me to become accepted in my small town, but I must say that there is truly something magical about being a part of a small town. I literally left my small town because I always felt I didn’t fit in nor was I wanted. However, when I came back after being gone for five years, I was welcomed back with open arms and made to feel like I was truly a part of the community. 
When my mom got cancer, I will NEVER be able to forget how the town pulled together to make her life so much easier!! I’ll never be able to express my gratitude for everyone who helped out either!!!! So, there is a lot more positive to be said about small town life than negative. Even if in my case, there definitely was not the welcoming committee that Jessica received in the book.

If I were to say anymore, I’d give away what the “secret” is that Jessica is hiding. However, trust me when I say it will make your heart rejoice to know that there are people like her to believe in the values that she does. Plus she gains something far more valuable than anything she had prior to leaving behind her “secret.” 

Special note: There are many wonderful men like Kyle in a lot of the small towns around me!! Those men choose wisely with the women they date as well. 
I’m eager to read the rest of this series. 
I did receive this book to review, but as always that in no way had any impact in my opinion of this book.



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