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We went grocery shopping today, and I got a whole bunch of cooking supplies since I’ve been seeing so MANYrecipes on Pinterest that I really want to try to make for our family. This happened to be one that my niece and I decided to make tonight together. (I don’t get to have her here with me as much as I use to, but when we are together we do try to something special together. :))

Well, while making it in my Mommy sleep deprived state of mind; I put the chocolate chips and the peanut butter in a PLASTICmeasuring cup in the microwave. You can guess what happened….However, it didn’t bother to make a mess in the microwave…no-o-o-o-o it had to come out of the microwave like NOTHING was wrong!! Instead it got all over my pj’s and all down my legs, and the kitchen floor and a bunch of globs of it got all over the kitchen counter. My niece was busy mixing the other ingredients, so she didn’t realize anything was ad miss. My husband must have heard my whispering gasp of shock over his LOUD TV, because he came in and said, “Honey, the toilet is in the bathroom. Why did you have to poop all over the kitchen counter??” Of course, my niece turned around on that comment….and she was totally shocked and trying like crazy to keep her laughter down because Zeva was sound asleep in the other room. Del had to pick on me about that one pretty hard.

Well, when I went back to tell Del that the kitchen was completely clean and back in order. He asked, “How long before it’s done?” I was shocked to hear that comment because he normally doesn’t want to try my new sweet treats until it’s passed my inspection AT LEAST. Usually it has to pass MINE, Jimmy’s and Delbert’s before he’ll touch it. Sometimes he goes so far as to have my in-laws grant their approvals too. (Mind you I’ve served him MANYbad dishes over the years, because prior to being married to him cooking was something I avoided like the plaque unless I had to do it for work.) I expressed that surprise to him, and he stated, “That if something causes me to go through as much trouble and create such an interesting event for a night, then it must be something worth trying now.” So, we are sitting here waiting on them to be done. Boy do I hope they taste as good as they look.

I treasure my time with my niece and nephews when I get the chance to be with them. However, they are growing up and are spending more of their free time with friends and doing other things. Of course, that is the course of life. As kids grow up, they tend to spread their wings more and fly away and explore the world around them.

Tomorrow we have a fun day planned out. I get to see someone near and dear to me that I haven’t seen since 2005 when I left Ohio. So, I best close out for the night.

What is the best thing Pinterest has given you??? I have gained so many neat ideas and projects and hopefully now new things to cook for the family.



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