Palmer Dodge of GA In Review

I have been sponsored for this post, but that in no way shaped my opinion of this company. 

I stressed in my last auto post that I’m going to be in the market for a new vehicle soon because ours is soon to be on it’s last leg. It concerns me every time I get behind the wheel now that I’m going to be left on the side of the road with three kids. However, so far I’ve been blessed that I haven’t been.

I haven’t fully made up my mind whether or not  I want to invest in a new car with all of their warranties or get another used vehicle so that I don’t have a car payment again. It’s been very nice not having to pay an extremely high premium for insurance and those high car payments each month. I love the fact that it’s ‘paid in full.’

Palmer Dodge of GA  is one dealership that is offering to buy vehicles from you whether or not you buy a car from them. To me, that’s a great benefit for a dealership to offer. The reason for that is because it tells me that they will give me the price that is fair for my vehicle instead of trying to gain the most from my ‘trade-in.’ Now I’ll grant you, most dealerships will not give a person what they can most likely get from selling their vehicle outright themselves, but convenience sometimes has a higher payoff.

Palmer Dodge of GA also has a wide selection of quality used cars already on their lot. I love that I can go throughout their website and see their selection. Some of the cars even have videos of them listed. Some of their prices are also listed too.

They have this Dodge Challenger that I think is totally styling. I think it would be totally awesome to drive this down the road. Of course, then I’d be tempted to speed again. As it stands now, it’s hard to resist the urge in my Mommy Dodge Durango. I love the racing stripes that are on it. I’m not sure I would enjoy owning a white car, but I can appreciate it from a distance.

What is your dream car? 




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