Nut-Free Halloween Treat Ideas

Nut allergies are, unfortunately, very common, and a lot of people don’t think of this when preparing candy bowls for children on Halloween. For some children, all it takes is smelling peanut butter to trigger a reaction; for others, they only need to touch something that’s been in contact with a cashew or other nut to break out into hives. Here are some ideas to help you put together some nut-free Hallowen treat ideas to make Halloween safer for everyone.

Nut-Free Halloween Treats

Goldfish are really yummy, and while they’re not candy, they’re still great treats to give out! You can easily pick up a few bags of Goldfish at any grocery store, and package small handfuls in decorative bags to give out to children.

Popcorn is also usually a safe bet, just check the label to see if the company provided any nut warnings. You can season the popcorn with whatever you like, but if you’d like to make it a more candy-themed treat, find some nut-free chocolate to melt over it to turn into popcorn clusters. You could also make a mix of salty popcorn and sweet jellybeans!

Most gummies are nut-free, which makes them a safe addition to any treat bowl. As with all treats, though, give the packaging a once-over to make sure that the company hasn’t warned of nut contamination. Gummies are a great nut-free Halloween candy because they’re candy, they come packaged in smaller bags, and kids love them!

If you’re sturggling to find anything nut-free to give out, then you can always consider giving out beverages instead. There are loads of drinks that come packaged in tiny bottles or cans, and you can decide how healthy you want to be. You can give out juice boxes, little cans of pop, or even tiny bottles of water. You’ll be safe with these, and if you’re really struggling to find nut-free Halloween treat ideas that are easy to accommodate into your existing treat collection, drinks may well be the easiest thing to give out.



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