New Years Inspiration for 2014

I was watching the movie Jobsir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00BEIYL6G Christmas Eve, and I’ve had the blog post about New Years Inspiration from the #2014 Blog Challenge in the back of my mind. This movie definitely inspired me in a grand way.

I have always been one of those managers who went into any restaurant I worked in and observed the team that I was handed for a few weeks. Then I’d host a meeting with the entire staff and give them my vision for the store. I’d give them the chance to give me their feedback based off of how customer interaction has been in the past. Together we always formed a plan of action, and then we’d put it into action.

Guess what regardless which store I was in, regardless of who worked there or the location, we always managed to go into the top 10 in our area for sales. It wasn’t because I’m some super fantastic manager. It was because my team believed and saw my vision. They saw firsthand the difference the little things make.

They were able to see higher tips in their pockets if they were a sales representative/waitress. They were able to see bigger grill op bonuses because we increased the sales compared to the prior year. They were able to see the numbers because I made darn certain they knew what their goal was for each shift we worked. I wouldn’t accept less if there was any way in the world to make it happen.

If I had a sale representative who would turn in a stack of tickets without upgrades of some kind in them, we would have coaching sessions on how she could fix that. Nine times out of ten it was due to fear of asking a customer to add more to their order.

That brings me to my point today, people FEAR the UNKNOWN. They fear what they can’t see in front of them. They fear taking a leap of faith. There are plenty of people who do take that leap of faith, but there is still a far greater majority of people who don’t do it!

I took a leap of faith when I started this blog. I honestly and truly had NO INTENTION of ever making money with it. I honestly started it as a way of getting out my deep dark secrets in hopes of one day making a difference in someone else’s life. Here’s the kicker, those secrets are still wrapped up safe and tight within me and Del. (Yes, Del knows EVERYTHING I’ve ever done or even thought about doing!)

So, I still haven’t really stepped out of my comfortable little shell and done what I felt God calling me to do over three years ago. Yes, he has still richly blessed me with this blogging journey from the amazing friends and connections I’ve made, the awesome products we’ve got to review, and even the income we’ve gained from it. However, I also hear him kicking me in the tail end to do what he wants me to do with my voice.

Here’s the deal though…I’m afraid to open up that can of worms. I’m scared to let you know those deep dark secrets. They are scary to reveal. Sometimes, they are even harsh to relive and even believe that I’ve done it. I’ve lived through it. I’ve told you about some of what I’ve endured in my life. I’ve told you about how I’ve come through it on top with my faith in tack. What I haven’t told you is that my faith was shattered into a million pieces more times than I care to count, I’ve been severely suicidal twice in my life, and that I’ve turned cold as ice towards people (ALL people.) Those are all things that are scary to talk about or even share.

However, I also know that there are millions of people who can relate to all of those instances and more that I’ve lived through. There are people out there who need to hear my story. There are people out there who God wants to touch. I know he’s using me to do it…. If only I’d get off my cliff and HAVE TOTAL COMPLETE UTTER FAITH IN HIM!  The very thing I want others to have, and yet, I’m not doing it myself.

So in 2014, my inspiration is to be different. My inspiration is to take those extra little steps of faith and actually go out on that limb and share more of myself with you. I hope that in the long run it won’t cause you to run away from me.

Remember these are things I’ve ALREADY lived through. I’ve grown from them, and I’m no longer even remotely close to the person I was. I am a loyal God loving wife to the man I love with every ounce of my being and the mother to three extremely wild but totally lovable amazingly smart beautiful kids. I genuinely care about other people with every ounce of my being. When I say that I treasure all of you, it’s not just words. It’s honest to goodness YOU mean something to me.

I want to know YOU. I want to know how I can help YOU. I want to know what I can give YOU that would make your life in 2014 better. God has richly blessed me with many skills and things I can teach you. I can teach you so much, but I need to know what you want to learn. I need to know what YOU WANT FROM ME. My inspiration is to give You more of what you really want to read. So with that being stated,:

Do you want me to teach you about how to make money from home?

Do you want me to teach you about having faith in God even though life is totally messed up all around you and even in your personal life?

Do you want me to tell you how to get out of an abusive marriage/relationship?

Do you want me to show you how to talk more effectively with your spouse?

Do you want me to tell you about video gaming systems and computers?

Do you want me to tell you what the best movies are to watch based on your preference?

Do you want me to tell you which books are worth reading?

There are so many things I can honestly and truly cover with ease. I just am honestly unsure what I should cover. That is honestly why this blog never will have a hard core niche because I’d bored to death in one week if I had to choose only one topic to write about. If I’m bored about my written topic, then you can bank it’s going to show in my writing.

I’m more than willing to accommodate you, and still be true to myself and my desire for this blog.

What do you want to read about?





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    • Thank you Emily. I look forward to getting to know you as well. Thank you for stopping by. Taking those leap of faiths are not always easy that’s for sure.

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