My Little Ham…She Thinks She’s SO Big

She honestly thinks she’s the “Ms. Thing” of our house. She is so utterly spoiled rotten. She gets showered with attention ALL the time now!! As I mentioned yesterday, she literally was involved in our lessons with the boys all yesterday and she did it again today. Right now she’s walking all over the living room trying to soak up everyone’s attention even though she sees we’re busy doing something else. She’s pulling on the boys toes and reaching for everything on the couches, even though we’ve put everything out of her reach.
I couldn’t wait for this day. I’m counting down until she takes that initial step away from things. That’s when life will truly get interesting around here for sure!! She’s definitely a mover and a shaker. She’s all curious!! I do declare she puts “Curious George” to shame!! She is so smart it’s not even funny. This morning she woke me up BEFORE everyone else because she wasn’t feeling good. I told her the boys were asleep…so what does she do….she YELLS “BUBBA” as loud as she can. We’ve been working at teaching her to call the boys “bubba” because their actual names are a bit hard for her right now. Well, she looks at both of the boys rooms waiting and I do mean waiting, for one of them to come out of their rooms at 5:00AM in the morning!! It didn’t work, and guess what she does….Yep, she yells “BUBBBA” again. This time she gets the look of frustration on her face….and a minute later here comes Delbert all smiles.
Delbert says to her all calm and happy,”you called me???” He proceeds to curl up on the other side of me and wraps his arm around me and pulls her into the embrace as well. Next thing I know, I had her and Delbert draped across me on the loveseat (Not the couch) asleep with both of them wearing a cheese eatin’ grin.
Now you can’t tell me those aren’t moments that make life worth living!!! I may have hated getting up that early and dragging myself out of bed. However, I was richly rewarded by the memory of those moments. My husband picked on me about going to sleep in the living room instead of curling back up with him in bed. (Which I did try, but Zeva wasn’t interested in sleep, she wanted to explore. Which if she hadn’t been sick, she wouldn’t have been granted her request.)
Life is going to be truly interesting when she gets old enough to show her little butt!! She’s very strong minded and smart to boot. Plus she has two brothers who love to push the limits and are teaching her well how to do it. Smile However, Del and I are both strong willed people too and we have to be a team, otherwise, we’d have our hands full!! Our kids are far from perfect, but we do the best we can. Smile

What’s a special moment you had today??? Everyday has a special moment in it, but we may have been in such a rush that we didn’t think to remember it. That’s why I love the idea that I found on Pinterest about writing down our special moments throughout the year and putting them in a jar, and reading them again as a family on New Years Eve.




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