Mommy Makeover, Is It Worth It?

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Infographic: Mommy Makeover Cost, Facts, and FiguresInfographic: Mommy Makeover Cost, Facts, and Figures, Courtesy of

I found these statics to be quite surprising. Giving birth to a child is a remarkable event. When we lose our old bodies due to the fact of child-birth, we are literally wearing the label of “motherhood.”

I would honestly love to be able to afford a tummy tuck and reduction, and be able to “strut my stuff” again. I know that will never happen for me due to financial reasons because I don’t see us bringing in enough income in our lifetime to afford this luxury.

I’m not a beauty queen, and I definitely don’t have modeling agencies calling me like crazy anymore. I do have something far more valuable to show for my troubles, and that’s three beautiful kids. I am honestly amazed that many women give birth to multiple kids and look fabulous after the fact.

Giving birth to kids for me though changed my hormone levels dramatically, and they haven’t been able to get straight since. They may never will. I am happy with who I am as a person, and I do believe over time this weight will come off the natural way.

However, for those who have the means and funds to do this option… I personally would LOVE to see the transformation. I would love to know what your experience on this type of journey has been. I can see the appeal and the leer of doing something like this!!

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