Mistakes Parents Often Make During The Child’s Very First Year

Every single parent will make some mistakes as the child grows up. It is simply impossible not to make some. What you can do is to learn as much as possible and minimize the number of mistakes you make. In the following paragraphs we will focus on some really common mistakes that appear before the child turns one year old.

Over-Panicking About Everything

So many overblown reactions appear from parents when the baby vomits or spits, among all the other things babies normally do. The problem is that babies will pick up on such an anxiety. Worrying about small stuff means you miss out on the baby growing. Remember that babies have a much higher resilience than what parents think.

Not Allowing The Baby To Cry It Out

Parents naturally start to think that the job they have is to do what it takes for the baby to not cry. Crying is associated with something that is done wrong. If you are going to go down the path of letting your baby cry it out, make absolutely sure that you have a safe crib and mattress so that there are no safety hazards around them.

This is again, incorrect. Babies will always cry, even if everything is perfect. That is because this is a way in which they communicate. You can cuddle and console but overdoing it is too common.

Waking The Baby To Breastfeed

Besides the common mistake of not knowing when to stop feeding formula, another very common problem is waking your baby up to breastfeed. The misconception is that breast milk cannot get the infant fed as the night passes. Sleeping through the night is actually much more beneficial for the mother and the baby.

Confusing Vomiting With Spit-Up

The main difference between vomiting and spit-up is not forcefulness. It is frequency. A spit-up can actually fly all around the room. It is associated with feeding. Vomiting appears in most cases because of a simple gastrointestinal virus and can appear every half an hour.

Improper Car Seat Installation

At first glance, a car seat is very simple to install but most parents actually make mistakes. After you choose a correct right seat you want to carefully follow the installation instructions. At the first installation it is actually a good idea to watch someone else add it. Remember that the life of the child may depend on how you install the car seat. Be sure that you install it exactly as it should be installed.

Oral Care Neglect

There are so many parents that simply do not care about baby oral health or teeth care since we are talking about baby teeth. That neglect can easily lead to huge problems. The baby is not going to be too young for proper oral health habit development.

Remember that there are many other mistakes that parents make during the baby’s first year. Do learn all that you can about the subject. An informed parent is always going to make very good decisions and will properly take care of the baby. Keep in mind that the bond that is created should be one based on trust and having fun. Babies laughing are always a true delight.




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  1. As the father of a baby boy, I can relate to these situations. However, I know that I can ask more experienced friends if I have an issue. This blog has been helpful to me and I hope to read further parenting advice in the future.


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