Mirror, Mirror- Movie Review

It’s a good thing this movie was not made with adults in mind. I personally did not like this movie all that much. I am a HUGE Julia Roberts fan, but this movie was not made for her. Of course, it’s hard to see a character that you’ve seen play in romance movies as a happy jolly person as an evil queen. Honestly, I think that if they would have chosen someone else for her role, it may have been a better movie.

The boys enjoyed watching it. They got a lot of laughs from it. Since they don’t look at actors/actresses based on their average roles it was a good movie for them. I tried to be objective like a child watching this movie, but couldn’t do it for the life of me. It did have some really good funny scenes. The story line was pretty decent as well.

So, it’s not a total waste to rent this movie. However, I wouldn’t be rushing to get it like I was!!! I was hounding Blockbuster to get this movie due to my love of Julia Roberts. I still love her as an actress. However, I prefer seeing her play a different role.



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