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I’m only 8 classes away from graduation with my bachelor’s degree for my project management degree. I used up all of my allotted financial aid because I went to college even though I had no clue what major I wanted to pursue after I lost all desire to become a teacher.

From the time I was in fifth grade until I was in my first semester of college at USC-Aiken (a WONDERFUL college), I wanted to become a teacher. Everything I did was leading up to that lifestyle. I was a Teacher Cadet my Senior year of high school and was literally acting as a substitute teacher for middle school classes. I was State Secretary for Student Activation for Education my Junior and Senior year of high school. I was a teacher and library assistant from 9th-12th grade. I absorbed every educational article I could get my hands on. All to have my world get totally deflated when I went to college and was literally teaching K-8th graders computers, science, and math. I had a student who wouldn’t shut her trap to save my life. Of course, she had teachers in there also being rude and running their mouths too. So, I quit teaching and waited until I got their attention. I didn’t say or even do anything beyond that, but I am the one who got chewed out for doing that. I caused her “emotional distress” because I put all the attention on the young child. I also ruffled the teacher’s feathers.

I’m sorry, but I feel that if I’m going to take the time to teach that kids should pay attention. Honestly, I never had a problem keeping kids entertained up to that point. I use to keep kids occupied on a regular bases!! I was very use to dealing with large crowds of kids at one time from being a lifeguard when I was 15 and 16, and had on average 25-45 kids at a time that I had to keep my eyes on at all times. (That’s part of the reason why I’m still a stickler for watching my kids like a hawk. Even when I go the Y’s water park during the summer, I switch into lifeguard mode.)  After that I swore that I wasn’t cut out to be a teacher in a school system.

I always dreamed of helping kids who have had to deal with family issues and overcoming emotional distress or even addictions. I STILL to this day would love to do that, but everyone requires degrees in order to allow you the chance to help them. Even though, I feel my personal life experiences should count for something!! Through my project management classes, I have already started the ground work for my ultimate dream which is to open an equine therapy center for troubled teens. I was enjoying my project management courses because I honestly felt like I was doing the ground work to make my dream a reality. It would take a lot to make it happen, but I do still believe that one day I will make it a reality with the help of a lot of other people; although I don’t know who those people will be yet.

My credit has been destroyed due to many circumstances far beyond my control. It’s improved a lot, but some things that I have done right (like my current mortgage payments) are not even showing up on my credit report to show that I have learned my lessons.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a current student with Devry University online. My GPA is currently a 2.76. I failed my last class because I couldn’t extend taking my final exam until I had a chance to heal from giving birth to Zeva. I was literally in the hospital taking my final exam. I had a hard time focusing on my last two classes while dealing with major pregnancy issues.

I have been looking for employment as well, but so far I haven’t had any solid bites. The employment I take has to pay me enough to justify doing it verses the cost of daycare and other expenses involved with working since I have three kids.

Well, pray for me to receive the guidance I need to know what I’m suppose to do.



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