Long Eventful Weekend..

Well, I’m finally slowing down, but I won’t be up much longer because the Sleep Prince is calling my name awfully hard. I am definitely wore out, but in a really good way.
Yesterday was Jimmy’s 8th birthday. We tried to throw him his first big birthday party complete with friends and games. Which, all in all, it went okay. We got to have a total of six of his friends and his cousins here. So, we had 10 kids here total. We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, some silly clothes pin game, and we also got a transformer pinata (which that was of course, the most fun for all involved!!) They played on the swing set, with the toys, and a lot of soccer. Del had the kids playing Simon says, and he was Simon. He had them play Red light/Green light, and they even played Freeze Tag. Thank God for my brother-in-law, he was our knight and shining armor because he cooked the food since Del’s back was killing him and on top of that our grill decided to crash completely. His birthday party started about 12:30 and lasted until 6:30 pm. We had just enough food and cake for everyone. He got some great Transformers gifts. He said it was the best birthday ever. He was beaming still this morning when he got up from it all.
Del and I were both hurting so bad from being up all day long (when we’re both use to being able to get some down time (for his back issues and Zeva kicking my behind.) However, it is worth all the pain in the world to make our kids as happy as we did yesterday. Yesterday, was definitely a day of memory making. Unfortunately, my phone was dead, so I didn’t get any pictures, but I don’t see any of us forgetting it any time soon!!
Then today we finally made it back to church. It was so good to see everyone there. I was feeling really rough this morning, and could barely walk or breath, but then again, the boys were so excited to be in church again, that it was worth it. However, I felt revived after going as well due to the wonderful message and also because I got to see people that I don’t get to see except at church who have grown to mean a great deal to me.
Then my mother-in-law and father-in-law were unable to take the boys to a Halloween festival at a local church as planned, so I decided that I couldn’t let the boys down since they have been looking forward to going to it for over a week now. So, I took them to that. Luckily, my friend and her kids were able to meet us there, so I had someone to talk to and spend time with while we were there. I enjoyed every minute of it. We finally had the chance to actually talk too. (Sometimes it’s hard to talk when the kids are always around, but they were so occupied with everything around them that we were free to talk.) Of course, we still didn’t talk as much as we wanted I’m sure, but we were able to connect some more, and that goes a long ways. 🙂
Of course, I had some time with my hubby earlier in the day while my in-laws had the kids. So we got to have some special time for us, and that definitely was fun. It amazes me that we still have those sparks after all this time. 😉 I felt like a teenager all over again. I locked the doors, he covered all the windows, and we were hiding away from the world for those couple of hours. We needed that something fierce. 🙂
Well, I’ve bored you enough. I hope this finds you doing well.




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