Last week of January 2013- Weight Loss Update

There has been no progress of any kind in my weight loss goal. In fact, I’m still in the same exact position I was in back in February 2012. I have been more active and even watched what I’ve been putting in my mouth. My body just doesn’t want to budge anymore????

I did go to the doctor today due to the severe pain in my pelvic region. He had an ultrasound done on me today. One of my ovaries is HUGE compared to the other one. I honestly have no clue if that means anything at all, but I will tell you it hurts like crazy when she went probing trying to get a good solid picture of the cotton pickin’ thing.

I’m sure the doctor will call me if anything is amiss. If it’s just pain from having my tubes tied, I dread having to deal with this type of pain the rest of my life. I honestly don’t know how I’ll continue to function worth a dime if it is. Pain relievers are not putting a dent in giving me relief for it either. 🙁

It is rough being in the limbo state and wanting to do more, but physically feel trapped. I’ve been in this position since 2000, and I’m so utterly tired of it!!!

Do you feel physically trapped as well?? How do you cope with it??




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