Kids….The Things They Say and Do…

Yesterday, Delbert (my four-year-old) was talking about the fact that Zeva doesn’t have a peep like he does. He’s to young for me to feel like I need to have the bird and the bees talk. So Momma jumped in and said that he has a rod and Zeva has a flower pot. Delbert wouldn’t let it go. Later on he stated to me all knowingly, “Momma, Zeva must pee out of her butt since she doesn’t have a peep.” He is so eager to understand Zeva and wants to help. He literally takes her in her seat with him all over the place in the mornings, and he takes great pride in being able to help get her entertained. He insists on teaching her about his toys. He teaches her the alphabet and her numbers.

Then, of course, Jimmy has to have his turn when he’s done with school work. Jimmy is more eager to teach her about his new video game that he’s currently wrapped up in playing. However, he also reads books to her and Delbert.

They both fight over who’s going to get to help with cleaning her bottles and helping change her diaper (all they do is put the diaper in the trash can.) However, they want as much time with her as they can gain. I know that this will fade away in due time, but Jimmy and Delbert are very close knit and are the best of friends. So, I honestly do wonder if it will change. They are both eager beavers to help any way they can, and get a lot of enjoyment from it.

Jimmy told me today that he wishes he was an adult. I told him, like any adult tells a young snapper, “don’t wish your life away, and these are the best years of your life.” He just wants to be an adult so that he can make his own money and buy the big things he wants. He already earns an allowance for helping out. He does save his money when there is something that he truly wants.

Zeva is growing up way to quickly. I thought she wasn’t suppose to teeth until she was six months old?? Here she is not even three months old, and drowling and has a tooth trying to cut through. She slept pretty much through the night last night with the exception of needing her pacey a few times.

What’s some cute things your kids have said or done?? I’d love to hear them. 🙂




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