Are You Kids Ready for School Yet? Here Are 6 Ways to Help Them Prepare

If it’s about time for your kids to start going to school, then you’re probably both extremely anxious about what can or will happen. There’s a lot of responsibility involved and how well you do can shape the outcome of your child’s education. It’s an important time for both you and your child, so we’ve put together a bunch of different ways to help your child prepare for their very first day at school.

Research local schools

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You probably have a number of different local schools near you and it’s probably a pain to look for the best one. Finding a great school isn’t hard, but you need to know the criteria. Your child needs to enjoy the idea of attending that school (perhaps listing after-school activities or telling them that the neighbour’s kids will also attend it) and they need to have a good track record for teaching their students.

Finalising the potty training

If your child still has trouble going toilet on their own then it’s a good idea to teach them independence when using the toilet. This will make it a lot easier and less embarrassing when for your child when they need to go toilet at school.

Consider early education

If you feel that your child is having trouble learning at home before their first day, then you might want to enrol them in early education programs such as those offered by Primary Montessori School. This will give your kids a good headstart for when they start going to real lessons and they might even have the opportunity to make some friends while they’re at it. This ultimately helps improves their social and learning skills to make the transition easier.

Speak to your child about school

School can sound like a really scary time for the kids, so speak to them about it and let them know what it’s like. This will help clear up any confusions, and you should aim to answer any questions they may have. It might help to show them some videos about what school is about or like, but try to keep their expectations realistic instead of showing them cartoons.

Teach them to be responsible

It might be early to teach them responsibilities that adults and teenagers have, but it’s still a good idea to teach them how to look after their things. For instance, you need to ensure that they look after their books, stationery and their bag.

Be positive about school

School isn’t a scary thing, so don’t talk about it like it is. Make sure you speak with your child on a regular basis about school and be positive about it. Tell them all of the great things they’ll experience and let them know how great school is to really excite them and get them ready for it. If you focus too much on the negative side such as the potential for bullying or bad teachers, then your child is going to quickly associate negative thoughts with school and it will be hard to fit in.




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