Keep Your Family Safe with React Mobile Safety App

This is a sponsored post provided by React Mobile, but that in no way shaped my opinion of this product. 

As my kids get older, I have to let them out of my sight more.  With each passing year, that range is getting farther away from home. Before I know it they are going to be teenagers. I will want to know that I can keep track of them and know they reach their destinations safely. The FREE React Mobile App would let me know that. So, if you have a teenager then you want to install the React Mobile App onto their phones.

Information from Press:

React Mobile  helps you turn your smartphone into a powerful lifeline. The app has a “Follow Me” feature, that let’s your self selected contacts track your whereabouts in real-time whenever you’re concerned for your safety. Perfect for running or walking alone early in the morning or late at night, keeping track of kids, or meeting a client for the first time, simply touch the “I’m Safe” button to let your contacts know when you’ve arrived at your destination safely. In an emergency, press the SOS shield on the app to send out a panic alert containing a link to your GPS location to select emergency contacts via text message and email, which can optionally be posted to Facebook and Twitter. Once the SOS alert is activated, you’re automatically prompted to dial 911. For users outside of North America, the app allows you to choose which country you live in (or are traveling to) from the settings tab and when an SOS alert is triggered, you will be prompted to dial the appropriate emergency authority depending on you’re geographic location (ex: in the UK the app will prompt a user to dial 112/999 not 911).


My Personal Opinion

I don’t have any teenagers yet, but I do still see some value behind me having this app. As a mother of three young kids, I am always on the road by myself with the kids. Our world has become less safe with each passing day. I literally worry about getting attacked all the time when I’m out and about with my kids by myself. I’ve always heard that attackers know women with kids will protect their kids first and foremost.

My boys are crazy enough to be willing to attack back to protect Zeva and I. However, I know first hand that although they know a lot about self defense they can’t take down a gun. I feel that with them knowing we have this app on my phone and how to use it, that they will be smart enough to use it if I can’t!

I always call Del and let him know where I am. There is always someone who knows our locations at all times. I learned that from being stalked for so many years. This app cuts down on the amount of times I have to report in via a phone call. It’s just a matter of touching a button.

So, I do recommend that you take advantage of this FREE app. It gives a person or parent an added sense of security. That is worth quite a bit in our world today.

You can get this app from the website. You can also connect with React Mobile on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn.



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  1. This sounds like a *really* helpful app…and I can’t believe it’s FREE!!! That’s awesome!! I do have a 13 year old. He’s not out and about totally on his own yet, but I want to get this so I can be familiar with it when that time comes!! –Lisa

    • I wonder if there will be something else out by the time we have teenagers. Technology seems to be growing at a rapid pace.

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