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Training and exercise have become a daily part of modern life. We live in a world where we have little to no outlets. Living caged and working through the grind seems to be the order of the day. That is why living a well-balanced life, with healthy remedies to stress is so important.

Many people are taking to recreational activities, workout routines and sports to fulfil their balance, and that’s where interactive tech is trailblazing it’s own path. It’s a new world; with the help of modern technology our world encompasses more than ever before. We have gadgets and advanced tech on hand to stimulate and prolong any form of activity that your heart could desire.

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Technology is changing the way we do everything, from playing at River Belle mobile casino to the way we exercise. There’s simply no doubt about it, from the way we exercise in modern gyms, with advanced training videos that get played on loop, to new age LED lights that are helping people train their rhythms in the martial arts world. New age technology shows no signs of slowing down and it’s up to us as individuals to capitalize on the technology at hand, to recreate our training schedules.

The New Age Gym

There’s a new age gym on the rise, a gym where personal trainers were the order of the day but are slowly being replaced by technology that competes and advances clientele through video content, which is much the same as one to one training.

We have become complacent in the technology that we all to eagerly adapt to on a daily basis. Video is ranked the best learning tool on the planet, therefore it’s no surprise that video learning content has filtered into new age gyms.

Instead of needing a personal trainer at your beck and call, you can now call on video content that is scattered throughout modern gyms. The reason for video content personal training in a gym is two fold. Firstly it eliminates costly overheads allowing you access to premium training establishments at a fraction of the price, and secondly video content can reach a larger audience, allowing a group to train to the same routine and with the same mentality.

The YouTube Revolution

YouTube has changed the way we view content online. Hailed as a transformative tool leading the fight in open source educational content, the platform hosts anything from education to physical training videos that educate people, and allow for dynamic progression through a multiplicity of disciplines.

It’s easily accessible, and best of all, it’s completely free. Most Google searches will yield a video in the search results, allowing you to learn through video content, which is far more effective and faster than traditional text content.

With a diverse assortment of user-generated content from around the globe, YouTube allows users to access content such as personal training tips, meditation videos and even self taught yoga videos. This mix of content affords anyone with a constant Internet connection, the opportunity to learn in the comfort of his or her own home.

Flashing Lights

Technology not only works for you, it enriches your life allowing you to solve problems easily and efficiently. Interactive technologies in fitness apparatuses are making huge progress in the individual training realm. LED lights are being hooked up to punching apparatuses to gauge hits and allow martial arts enthusiasts to train more effectively.

Lights are hooked to paddle like flippers, which reach back with every punch and propel forward after they slam the back of the structure. The lights help fighters with their timing and also keep a steady eye on which paddle to punch first.

Getting Active

There’s simply no excuse! Getting active is as easy as assimilating yourself into one of the many devices you probably already own. With wearables everything, including getting fit is just that much simpler.

Interactive fitness technology takes it to the next level and allows for the kind of one to one experience that is equivalent to personal training. The beautiful thing about it though is that it doesn’t have to cost you a thing and you can do it at your leisure, without even leaving your home.




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