Humans and Food–The Real Reason For Our Obesity Rate

This little part of this movie has been weighing on my mind A LOT since I re watched this movie with the family several weeks ago. So much so that I felt I needed to blog about it. As you can tell looking in at my pictures, I suffer with obesity.
Every person who is obese does have a story to tell!!! I don’t know of a single person who wants to be obese. I don’t mind have a few pounds to look chubby as a source of protection against all the male attention that I use to get when I was thin and full of muscle. However, I DON’T want to be this big. Yet, I do find myself constantly thinking about food or what I’m going to feed our family. Hang just look at my Pinterest boards…what do I have mainly on them FOOD ideas. What pops up the most when I load up Pinterest…MORE FOOD ideas. I never realized how much we do think about FOOD until seeing how we think looking at Pinterest and then having that video make a very bold and valid statement about how we think as humans.

We do need food to eat. However, I find that I’m very guilty of having “food on the brain” way to much!!!! This video just hit home for me quite a bit. DOES IT FOR YOU????





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