How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Venue

Every young couple wants the perfect wedding but finding the right venue can also present a bit of a challenge. Not only is it possible for both partners to envision a different type of setting, but there are parents, friends, families and of course finances to add to the mix. So, how can you choose your dream wedding venue with so many variables to consider? Here is a bit of advice that just might help.

Why Talk Budget?

Do a bit of searching online and invariably you will see setting a budget among the top priorities when planning a wedding. Actually, this may not be as important as where you want your wedding to be held. The logic behind this is quite simple. Until you have agreed upon where you want your wedding to be held and have a fair idea as to how much it will cost, there is no sense setting a budget! Until you have a target ‘cost’ there is no budget to set! Establish how much your venue will cost so that you know how, and how long, it will take you to meet that goal. Bear in mind that this is the biggest expense you are going to incur so settle on a venue first, then set your budget!

Agreeing on the Perfect Venue

So many young couples today are looking at venues located in major cities because of all the activities available to guests flying in for the celebration. For example, those living in Central or Southern California often seeking glamorous wedding venues in Los Angeles because there is just so much to see and do in a metropolitan area this large. There are literally tens of thousands of clubs to hold bachelor parties, places to take the wedding party to eat on the night prior and guests from out of town can enjoy a few shows and some shopping while in town. In the end, choosing a venue where there is plenty of activity for visitors is ideal. It simply takes choosing a city first, then begin looking for your dream venue.

Factoring in Your Wedding Attire

Before settling on a budget, don’t forget to factor in wedding attire. Yes, your chief objective is to find the perfect venue but you do still need to account for other expenses to see if your choice is realistic. Some bridal gowns alone cost several thousand dollars and this is also a major expense. Many grooms opt to rent their tuxedos, but even so, the cost of wedding attire can be enormous. Would this detract noticeably from the money you have to spend on your venue? If it would, it’s time to choose a venue and that bridal gown you may be able to get cheaper.

Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

When seeking the perfect venue, keep in mind that some of the most popular wedding banquet halls and restaurants with wedding facilities also have wedding planners to help you with all those little details you may be unaware of. It all depends on how much input you want to have on everything from the food you order for the flowers decorating the room. Some wedding planners can help you line up entertainment while others can even offer suggestions on where to have your wedding invitations printed and mailed. Take the time to meet the venue’s wedding coordinator or planner prior to settling on the venue of your dreams.

It Is Your Decision After All

One other major problem many young couples have been the fact that parents, although well-meaning, try to shift your focus on venues. It could very well be a matter of cost since often they will be footing a huge portion of the bill, but it could also be a tradition. They got married in this way so they believe you should too. It isn’t their wedding so you may need to gently remind them that you are looking for your dream venue. If they can’t bear the burden of the entire cost, you can help them along the way but it may mean a delay while you gather extra money.

Yes, the budget is important. Family is important. However, it is your wedding and you want to choose the perfect venue. The final decision is yours but be aware of the fact that the cost may filter down to you. No matter the cost, you want a dream wedding so there is a way to make that happen. Just be prepared to book far enough in advance to get the venue you want at a price you can afford. After that, it’s a piece of cake – wedding that is!

What other tidbits of advice would you add to creating your dream wedding venue?




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  1. I wouldn’t have thought to decide on a venue for a wedding before setting the budget. My wedding was at a small church, so the location wasn’t the expensive part. However, for couples who do want to go somewhere extravagant, I can see how it could be advantageous to plan the budget after deciding where the wedding will be. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Yes of course almost every couple wants a perfect wedding which can be remembered for years. The most important thing in planning the wedding is to select a good venue, which is not only well enough for the celebration but can be easily reached. The priority one should have about guests that the venue is easily under reach or not.

    The ways discussed here by you are great and meaningful and can be made easily for use. The most important thing is the acceptance of all the close one’s on the venue, most of your partner. Yes, its finally your wedding and your discission so, it must be planned well and perfect.

    Very nice of you for posting it, keep doing like this.
    Have a nice weekend.

    ~ Harshwardhan

  3. You have some great tips here for finding the best wedding venue. Something that I have heard a lot of complaints about is parents interfering. I think you have a good point, it is the couples decision, no one else’s. I think if they remember that, it shouldn’t be too bad.

  4. Thanks for the great information and tips! I always thought the dress chose the venue but your article definitely helped me see how to keep my mind on both the cost, and location! Keeping the choice between your partner and you is such great advice, and very easy to forget. I am so glad to have been reminded of that!

  5. It’s true that searching a wedding venue by your budget allowance will significantly reduce the number of choices. This is reassuring because I get easily overwhelmed by too many choices. I’ll try to keep in mind that it’s my wedding and not my parent’s or friend’s wedding. Thank you for your advice on choosing your dream wedding venue.

  6. Hii
    Great post!
    It is absolutely true that wedding is a special day that comes in person’s life.And in order to make it memorable, the venue is one of the main concern.So, to make your wedding more attractive choose the best wedding venue.

    The fourth point is true that whenever you are looking for the perfect venue, choose some of the most popular wedding banquet halls and restaurants that provide you best facilities.

    Thanks, for sharing this valuable information with us.


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