Holly Cow…I’m DOWN another size!! :)

My husband urged me to go try on a smaller size yet again because my tightest pair of 18 jeans were so loose he could put both of his arms down them with me in them. So today, my mother-in-law and I went shopping at a thrift store (I still REFUSE to buy NEW clothes until I reach my size 10.) I grabbed several DIFFERENT brands of size 16 jeans and several 1X shirts to try on. I HONESTLY didn’t expect them to fit me. However, yet again, I was able to put them on without jumping into them or laying down to button them. I was still able to do squats in them easily. To me they are tight, but according to my mother-in-law, the boys, and Del, they still look loose. I’m STILL in shock over it.
I am so utterly excited and happy. I ONLY have three sizes to go to reach my goal now.
It finally feels completely possible to reach my dream size. I say it’s my dream size because it’s literally been 11 years since I’ve worn a size 10. It’s literally been 8 years since I’ve seen a size 16. I REFUSE to give up this time. I have come close to caving and regaining the weight back by overeating due to fear of being this small again and getting the attention. However, I look at my kids and I also remind myself that I literally have gotten rid of my big size clothes.
Del told me that I am not allowed to keep or get any bigger size clothes. The reason for that is because it will help me not only lose the weight, but also maintain whatever I’ve lost. I have to fully agree with him that he’s right in that theory. I must say that I was able to get some cute looking clothes even at a thrift store in a  size 16. It’s amazing how different clothes look when you reach this size. Which that is one of my incentatives to lose weight, so I’ve noticed it all along. However, now I can actually get them for ME.
I’m praising God for helping me get to this point. I was literally praying in the dressing room that I did in fact get to this point. Then when I got done, I was saying thank you, but I truly want to reach a size 10. I have no clue what I weigh, but I’m doing this based on my size of clothes. It seems more reachable that way. (It’s much nicer thinking of only 3 sizes to go verses 100+ pounds to go.)
I’m NOT doing this by starving myself. I am eating three full meals a day, drinking only water with a few exceptions once or twice a week if that, only eating sweets (desert wise) once a week, if that, and I don’t waste a single minute of day by being idle doing nothing. I also try my best to fit in walks (we all went for a walk with a friend yesterday for about 45 minutes (that same walk use to take an hour and a half.)
I’m so full of life and energy now. I FORGOT how this feels. I forgot how much more I do in a day when I’m able to function. I forgot what it feels like to not have pain of some kind throughout a day. A person who is obese after a while, gets in that rut that is so HARD to get out of. Sometimes, as was my case, doctors literally REFUSE to LISTEN to you or BELIEVE you when you tell them your doing everything you can to lose it, but it’s NOT budging. I literally had my husband telling them that I was doing everything that they said I should do, but it wasn’t working. Then ONE and only one high risk doctor admitted that he thinks it was my hormones out of whack, but Zeva put it back on track, like my first daughter took it off track. Sometimes weight gain/loss is more than just the person being lazy or not trying to lose it. I’ve learned so much on this journey, and I’m NO WHERE close to being to my final destination!!
I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is on this journey to go to www.sparkpeople.com and sign up. It’s totally free and there are so many FREE resources available for us to use. Plus there are MANY AMAZING people also on this journey or who have already reached their goals, but have made wonderful friends through this site and haven’t left because they are encouraging others to reach their goals still.




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