A Groom’s Guide to Hiring the Perfect Wedding Car for the Big Day

If left to them, most grooms would hire something special – but perhaps not something their soon-to-be better half would like to arrive in on the biggest day of her life. There are many things to consider when hiring a wedding car in Perth, for example, the right style of limousine or sedan, the colour, the number of seats and many more. For all you grooms-to-be who are stressing about hiring the perfect wedding car for the big day, the following limo hire tips are for you.

Understand Why You Need to Hire a Limousine or Wedding Car

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Okay, so there are three important ‘entrances’ that you need to consider when hiring a wedding car for the big day, which are:

  • The bride’s entrance – Naturally, this is the most important entrance of the day, so the limo or car that she arrives in must be perfect. Not just perfect, but PERFECT. Yes, all in capitals.
  • The groom’s entrance – Naturally, this will be overshadowed by the bride’s entrance, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to get anything wrong here, so it also must be perfect.
  • Your entrance at the reception – This is the entrance that you both make together. Yes, it must be perfect, but make sure that it’s her kind of perfect, the PERFECT that she must have.

You need to hire a limo or wedding car because you’re making three very big entrances and they must be the kind of entrances that make for those perfect wedding photos, the kind of photos that will provide you both (but especially her) with memories to cherish forever.
That means you need to source the limo hire company that offers the very best wedding car options in Perth so that you have numerous options to select from. Fortunately, there are some excellent limousine hire companies with impressive fleets that serve the city and surrounding areas.

Do Your Research

Researching limousines to hire doesn’t have to be boring as you can make it a fun experience. Naturally, you’ll need to get some extra opinions, but not any old opinion as you need an expert’s view on things, which means meeting up with mates and working out the best limo to hire together.

Start Looking Early

As there are many limousines to consider, many limo hire companies to search for customer reviews for and so much else to prepare, the sooner you start looking for the perfect wedding car to hire the better. Not only is there so much to research and consider, but there are likely to be hundreds of other grooms looking for limousine hire on the same day. That means you need to get in before they do, so it suffices to say that time is of the essence here.

To hire the perfect wedding car or limo, firstly and most importantly, make sure that she’ll be happy with your choice, but make it a fun experience by giving yourself lots of time and getting your mates to help you with your selection.




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