DodgeOur new to us vehicle!
Well, after much debate and lots of emotional feelings, I decided it was time to trade in my beloved truck that I inherited from my Mom for a vehicle that is way better on fuel costs and also gives us more room (seating wise at least.) I followed the pushing in my heart, and pursued finding out what our options were concerning the truck verses a different vehicle last night via Facebook with a local dealer. We were given good enough news that I went into Gibbes Ford of Orangeburg. Low and behold a lady that sold the truck to my mom was there working. I was so utterly glad to see her even though the guy who helped us as well did a remarkable job as well. It was just nice to see her and know that she already knew the truck and it’s history. We got a great deal!! We now own the above vehicle.
Now the kids and I can go to more places without me feeling guilty for using so much money just to go to the park, play dates, water park this summer, and going to Charleston places we enjoy as a family. We won’t have to dish out so much in fuel and will be able to use it on other things that are so much more fun!! PLUS if I do land my prior career, I have a vehicle now that won’t eat me alive in fuel and end up taking away so much of our paychecks. 😉 I also forgot about the soccer practices and games we have to go to now. 🙂
Great+Jimmy+pictureThey grow up to quickly!! Jimmy is one happy boy playing soccer.
Jimmy Smile soccerDaddy helping Jimmy learn the basics. 🙂
Delbert scored Delbert got his first goal. 🙂
delbert coachingDelbert is such a take charge type of personality, he couldn’t resist showing the others how to do what the coach was showing them. I haven’t determined if that’s a good trait in him or a bad one. Either way, he’s my boy. 🙂
Well, thought I’d share some pictures today. Hope you all are having a good one.




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