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Well, I just reapplied to work at one of my prior jobs that I LOVED, but it got to be to much with all the drama I had going on in my life at that time of my life. Since I’ve left that job, my mom has passed on to heaven, the adoption of my daughter is done and I’m at peace with that decision and still feel it was the right thing for her, given birth to our precious daughter, got my tubes tied, and obtained my associates degree in accounting and am currently only 8 classes away from having my bachelor’s degree in project management. I’ve also lost a good chunk of weight and have become healthier and more able to do things physically!!! So, all the obstacles that I had standing in my way of success with that company are now gone. I am fully able to turn it into the career that I longed to do before. I enjoyed working with them, but it was a very demanding job to say the least.

However, once my units were running smoothly it was a win-win scenario for all involved. I believe in my abilities. If I could handle it then with all the issues I had going on in my life, I am MORE than confident that I can blow their minds away with my abilities to manage and lead a team to success now. I went into that job with NO REAL management training. What I thought was management training was actually training that taught me how to be a leader on a business level. Now that I’ve been attending college, I have learned where there were certain scenarios that I’ve encountered in my time working for this company that could have and should have been handled completely different than what I did from a managerial standpoint.

I am going to be giving up being with my family all day everyday. However, we as a family will be gaining the ability to save up for things that we NEED and want in our lives. We’ve been promised things that have fallen short time and time again. I’ve reached the point that I’m tired of dealing with broken promises. Del is doing a wonderful job providing and working for our family. However, he’s not receiving the credit he’s due and there are other issues as well, but I will refrain from stating them on here!! He is also working extremely hard at obtaining his web design degree and he’s definitely doing an upstanding job of that by maintaining an A average from the word go. I know once he receives that degree he’s going to take off with that business.

Our kids deserve nothing less than the best. I’m honestly not returning to work due to wanting to have a bunch of materialistic items so much as wanting to return to work due to having peace of mind that our bills will be covered and paid on time. Not to mention, I thrive on working and being able to be a social beaver. I enjoy my time with my kids more because our time becomes literally “our time.” I get to fully focus on them because no one messes with my time with them because they KNOW I don’t get to interact with them as much. My husband is in agreement with me that when I was working for this company things were a lot better until they gave me a district manager that just kept hitting the WRONG button with me. I take a lot of blame for NOT talking to my upper management about it like I should have. You live and learn!!

We are still going to home school our kids, but we’ll just have to figure out a way to work out the schedules. We’ve made adjustments before and we can make them again!! We are a pretty flexible family. Our kids are very quick learners (which is the reason why a school setting only holds them back and they end up in trouble more than actually gaining anything from a normal school setting.) I do declare they are both little sponges with gaining knowledge. You teach it to them and they both have it for the long haul. Zeva is showing signs of being the same way, but only time will for sure.

So, we are praying that I get rehired. If it’s God’s will then it will happen. Life is all about choices and making the necessary changes in your life as you go along that have to be done.

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