Funny Pranks You Can Play on Your Friends and Family


Hey, First of April is just a month away and you know quite well what this means – April Fools! You are bound to get pranked and that’s why it is your duty as a citizen of the Earth to fight back! It is man’s basic right to play pranks on his/her friends and relatives, in other words, to be mean to the people you love. So, if you really want this love of yours to show, do your best to put your beloved ones in a nasty situation. And don’t forget, you get extra April Fools points if you record the prank and your friend’s reaction on video and put it on the internet in order to humiliate him/her even more. Don’t worry for being too nasty, s/he would do the same if given the opportunity. That all being said, here are a couple of ideas for an efficient prank.

1. The shaving cream prank
This one is quite easy to pull off, as you will be taking full advantage of a sleeping victim, ahem, friend. Quietly approach him/her and put shaving cream (whipped cream will do as well) on the hand of the sleeping one. Now, slightly tickle his/her cheek with a feather, or even touch with the tip of a finger. What you’re aiming at is to produce a ticklish effect that will make your friend want to scratch his/her face and thus smear shaving cream all over his/her face. Classic.

2. Windows startup

In order to pull this one off, you need to be at least a little bit computer savvy. It’s the 21st century, so everybody’s got a computer, right? And a lot of people use a PC, which we all know what sound they make when during startup. What you will have to do is to sneak onto your roommate’s PC and change that tune with one, which will make him/her jump off the seat. Preferably gunshots. And don’t forget to crank up the volume all the way up to ten!

3. Cellphone pranks

Borrow a friend’s/colleague’s cellphone and mess around with the settings. Like for example, change the language settings to some random language like Korean or Serbian. Watch from a safe distance as your bewildered acquaintance tries to cope with this linguistic puzzle. Make sure there are no children around, as curse words are sure to follow.
Another cellphone related prank is to send prank texts. Present yourself as your colleague’s significant other, texting from a friend’s phone, as the battery of his/hers is dead (legit alibi, no doubt about it). Make up weird texts like: “I’m pregnant” or “I’m breaking up with you”. Of course, lurk around in order to see his/her expression. Surely, it will be a priceless one.

4. The Coke bomb
This is sure to get a bit messy, so make sure you do it somewhere where you won’t have to clean the whole mess. Preferably, your friend’s house. You might have learned this in science classes or seen it on Discovery, but in case you haven’t, here’s how you do it: you need a bottle of Coke, Dr.Pepper or any other carbonated drink. And a Mentos. Just one. Open the bottle, drop the Mentos in and immediately close it afterward. Once you’re thirsty friend decides to have a refreshing glass of soda, all s/he will get is a carbonated volcano eruption in the face. The best part? Once the eruption starts. There is no way to stop it.

5. Blood in the toilet

Now this can get a little bit freaky. Prepare a decent amount of fake blood. There’s a ton of tutorials on how to do that all over the internet, so let’s spare the details here. OK, then, here’s a hint – you can use food coloring. Once you have the bogus blood ready, pour it in your friend’s toilet’s tank. Next time s/he goes to the bathroom, there will be a nasty surprise. You can either substitute the fake blood with some other liquid (vinegar, for its bad smell; maple syrup as its sticky and difficult to wash off, etc.) or add a little something to the liquid, like fake flies or even real ones, if you feel like picking them off the fly paper with tweezers. Or an artificial human finger. Just do your best to turn the bathroom into a bathroom of horror!


Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer, blogger and doer. Housewife and dedicated mother, she is passionate about everything related to home organization and interior. She believes that her home is her sanctuary. She is giving some funny and amusing ideas on how to make the best prank for April Fools! Amber Collins has written this article on the behalf of Fleet Street moving company.






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