Fun In the Sun

Jimmy enjoying riding the dolphin. That girl is his first real crush!! He talks about her for months on end every time he sees her.

Zeva is constantly on the move now!! She has to get her hands on everything around her.

She stopped long enough to give us her attention so we could get her picture, the little camera hog.

I called up my friend to tell her Happy Birthday. She told me that her pool was ready for us to come over and swim with her. I took that as a hint that she wanted us to come over today. So, I gathered up the kids and we went over there and spent the day with her and her sister and her kids. I just had my cell phone on me, so I didn’t end up with a lot of pictures of all the grand fun we had.
However, the boys had a blast going from the trampoline with the huge balls then back to the pool and swimming. Who knew having HUGE blow up balls on a trampoline (with a screen protector all around it) would be so much fun!! They literally played bumper balls, ride the balls, jump over the ball, and so many other different types of games with those big balls. Truth be told, I was a bit jealous that I couldn’t get in on all the fun they were having with them. It was so much fun watching the boys be boys in a safe environment where they didn’t have to worry about getting hurt by slamming their heads on a concrete floor (like we have under our carpet–which isn’t very thick.) Zeva even was pushing to get into the trampoline.
Since I don’t get the chance to hang out with many other adults besides my husband and my mother-in-law often, it was so NICE to have adult conversation with woman who have known me for years and still love me and enjoy being with the kids and I. Our kids played hard and we got to have fun talking and laughing!!
Sometimes the best days are the ones when you get to do things at the last minute unexpectedly!! I’m praising God for the beautiful weather we had and the great friendships we have.




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