Fitness Activities to Burn Calories this Summer

The arrival of summer heat sparks our heart to stay outdoors. Whether it is a simple stroll in the park, a bike ride in the sun or a beach picnic, this season is motivating to make the most of the sun. But, you could enjoy the sunshine while doing some fun-fitness activities which will help you burn some calories… and to have a summer body. Let the fun- workouts begin!

Go for a bike ride – Per a survey by, you could burn up to 50 calories by riding in the sun for only 7 minutes. Plus, it is a fun activity which can be done with friends or family.

Rock climbing – Be an adventurer and climb a rock. You can shed 50 calories for every 4 minutes spent climbing. But, if you are afraid of heights, you could try the other activities and still be an adventurer at Bingo Extra! You can be the explorer of many worlds when you play different games on Discover the depths of India, Egypt, Amazon or Mythical lands by playing online slots games such as Jungle Jim El Dorado, Lady of Egypt, Amazon Queen and Spartacus Call to Arms among others.

Vacuum the house – Indeed, we try to avoid house chores at times! But, by vacuuming the house for only 13 minutes, you can burn 54 calories. Come on, go crazy cleaning now!

Dance – If you want to burn 56 calories, just dance for 11 minutes and the work’s done. Looks like party-animals have been doing it the right way!

Yoga – 17 minutes of light yoga helps to burn 50 calories, plus it de-stress yourself. The yoga moves are quite simple to learn, and you will feel relaxed and loose after stretching.

Frisbee – Now you have one more reason to bring your dog to the park more often! By playing a quick 6 minutes Frisbee, you can burn 57 calories.

Hiking – Find the longest path, go hiking, and you will burn massive number of calories in few hours as every 6 minutes of hiking is equal to minus 54 calories.

Kayaking – You should maybe try kayaking as paddling for 10 minutes gets rid of 59 calories. It would be best if you look out for the longest kayaking trip!

Jumping Jacks – Stop being lazy and do some jumping jacks for 6 minutes and lose 56 calories.

Cook – It’s time to improve your cooking skills. By chopping and stirring food items for 25 minutes, you can lose 57 calories.

Take the stairs – Forget the lifts and try the stairs. 5 minutes of stair climbing will burn 5 calories… the highest your office, the more calories you can burn!

Shopping – Surely, the ladies will try this one! You can shed 50 calories by running rounds of a shop… if you can afford it, it’s good!

Water Aerobics – Get your feet wet by doing water aerobics, and burn 57 calories for every 12 minutes of exercises.




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