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Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. A lot of people don’t understand that I’m truly not out to offend anyone regardless of the way you live your life. I personally could careless how anyone outside of my immediate family decides to live their lives.

We do not all have to agree with the way a person lives their lives in order to be friends. I have had many close friends in my life who couldn’t stand how I literally treated people as though they were sex candy, but yet they were a major part of my life.

A lot of that  activity stems from the fact that I was sexually abused. I treated people like they only wanted one thing from me….SEX. Since my attorney at the time of the court hearing didn’t do a darn thing to protect me and get my abuser put behind bars. I wish I had a different sex abuse attorney, but I didn’t. As a result, not only did my abuser walk away scott free, but I also felt like it didn’t matter what someone did to me. I was on my own. It made me feel better on one hand, but on another it just led me to believe that if I wanted justice I was on my own to give it to that person.

I have experimented with all types of sexual activities in my life. I was made to believe that sex was just an action that truly had no meaning behind it. I also was encouraged to think about women in a sexual manner, and for a LONG time I did!! I have since learned that a person can in fact control or determine who they are physically attracted to on their own. A lot of people will disagree with me on that aspect, and I’m quite honestly stepping on some major toes with that statement. However, AGAIN it is MY experience that leads me to believe this!

I don’t know if sex abuse attorneys were around as much back in 1993, as they are now, but I do definitely wish we would have gotten a different attorney for our case. I also don’t wish for anyone to go through a trial without having someone who is qualified to handle a case like that one. There are so many times I wish I could have seen a different outcome to that case.

Sex abuse lawyers are trained to know what things to look for in a sexual abuse case. They also know which type of information to present in a case in order to remove all doubt. They also are trained to ask the right questions in a manner that makes a person who is abused feel comfortable answering them in front of everyone in a courtroom.

I guess I can’t stress enough that if you have been sexually abused to see out the right type of attorney and take that person to court. I may not have won that case, but it did help me feel better that I faced him in court and announced what he did to me and others.




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