Father’s Day #Muse4Golf Giveaway

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I personally believe that Mother’s Day is a more celebrated holiday compared to Father’s Day. I see all kinds of gift ideas for mothers for months on end, and when it comes to fathers they get the short hand of the stick. I do see some posts promoting ideas for Father’s Day, but not nearly as many as I do for mothers. I may not be a golfer anymore, but I do know first-hand how much concentration is involved in being a strong golfer. I am excited to see that Muse is offering up a Father’s Day #Muse4Golf giveaway.

What is Muse

Muse is a “brain sensing headband that is a brain fitness tool that helps you do more with your mind by helping you calm and settle your mind.” This headband with its 7 sensors detect your brain’s activity. This allows you to improve your mind, concentration, and focus with each 3 minutes’ session that you use it.

Why Use Muse

If you’re like me, you didn’t even know what a Muse could do for you. However, a healthier lifestyle begins with having whole body wellness. This gadget will help you keep your emotions in line. I know I can benefit from help it provides especially considering the amount of health problems I have been having lately.

Top 7 Health Benefits To Meditation:

  1. Increased Immunity
  2. Emotional Balance
  3. Increased Fertility
  4. Relieves digestive issues
  5. Lowers Blood Pressure
  6. Anti-Inflammatory
  7. Calmness

Win a Muse Now During the #Muse4Golf Event

The Muse is worth $299.00 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This system is sure to help you gain overall wellness. From now until August 29th, you can enter to win a Muse for yourself or someone else during the #Muse4Golf event. It’s really simple to enter this giveaway. Visit the Muse website for more information ! Tweet out the following message. Also be sure to share it on Facebook and Instagram too.

[Tweet “Enter to win by using the hashtag #Muse4Golf and tag @choosemuse to be automatically entered to win.”]

More information on the contest here: http://www.choosemuse.com/meditation-golf-contest/. More information on the headband here: http://muse.totemapp.com/companyhttp://www.choosemuse.com/.

Be sure to enter this giveaway for the fathers in your life or even consider getting it for them as a Father’s Day present.  




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