We’re all born into this world with a family. Even orphans have a family. It seems to me that sometimes we might want to disown or distance ourselves from our blood relationships because they are a pain to deal with, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Take for instance, it’s not just families that do this, but it seems to happen more with them. You have somebody that all the time seems to be doing something that is not always above board. As a result, they don’t talk to you unless they need something. If you just want the connection of family with them, they ignore you. Why is that?

I have a father-in-law and a brother that are like this. You try and reach out to them just to see how they are doing. They either don’t answer or they turn everything about them and ask why you’re not doing something for them. Some examples are, “Can I borrow money?” or “I’m in a fix can you do this for me?” This makes me feel that sometimes ‘extended family’ or people I know are better to be around.

I keep trying to reach out to my father-in-law for my wife’s sake because that connection is between a father and his daughter. I want her to keep that connection because after all a parent is a parent. I don’t understand disowning your child for no reason.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. A brother, a sister, and a cousin even, they can get on your nerves. So yes, I can understand not having that much contact with them. This applies to a parent and/or a child, no matter what they still do crave that connect. There is that immediate connection that should be there. Don’t you think?

Do you have somebody in your family like this? How do you deal with this?




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