Etched…Upon My Heart Complete Review and Open Discussion

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ir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1455514276This book was so utterly heart wrenching in some regards and uplifting in others. This woman gives her all and uses her heartache as a means of helping so many other families. Despite the pain she’s endured she still has remained faithful and a true believer of God.

She made me think about all the moments that have been Etched…Upon My Heart.


When I look back through my life starting with my young childhood..

-I remember my mom pushing me to go beyond the easy and soft routes in life.

She wanted me to be a strong willed woman who could conquer anything I set my mind to. The funny thing is everyone around me will tell you, if I set my mind to doing something you can bank nothing will stand in my way of making it happen. As my husband puts it, “I’m a force to be reckoned with once I have my mind made up.” So, I’d say she’s succeeded in making me into that woman.

-I will never forget being pregnant and giving birth to all of my three kids.

All of my pregnancies were hard as hang on me. The deliveries were all different. I may not remember their stats of how long, how much they weighed, or even what time they were born. However, I remember the experience of carrying them and giving birth to all of them. I remember all of the mixed feelings I had with each one of them.

-I will always have the way my husband looked the day I FINALLY said “I do” to him in my mind, heart, and soul.

It may have taken me far longer than it ever should have to marry my husband, but when I finally did it was like I gave him the world. There was no look of fear or regret for marrying me. There was only pure excitement and love all over him. I was trembling with excitement and love myself.

-The day that I officially adopted Jimmy will forever be a day of rejoicing for me.

It took forever for the adoption to go through due to a lot of paperwork may ham, but once it finally did I fully realized how much I truly wanted to be Jimmy’s mother. I was afraid of showing how much it mattered to me because I honestly wondered if my giving up my first born would prevent it. Luckily, it didn’t!! Since then our bond has only grown ten fold!! We may butt heads a lot, but we are so much alike that we get on each others nerves all the time. However, my love is just as strong for him as it is for my other kids.

There are many other moments that will forever be Etched.. Upon My Heart, but to be honest they are moments I really don’t want to remember. However, they do definitely shape my life a great deal.

Some of those moments are:

-The day I took a 22 rifle to someone’s head to protect someone else I loved dearly. Knowing full and well had they hurt her one more time I would have pulled the trigger and not thought twice about it.

-I had to hear my mom’s doctor tell us that she has cancer again and she’ll be lucky if she has a year left to live.

-The day I had to give up my horse, Tripp.

-The day I let my first born go live with her father in another state knowing in my heart of hearts that I’d probably never see her again because she would be better off only having one family to raise her. Since I knew exactly what it felt like to have the torn feeling from my parents being so far apart from each other as I grew up.

-My last car accident definitely changed my life completely! However, that one changed my life for the better because I truly decided that I wasn’t going to settle for less than what I wanted from my life from now on.

We all have moments that are etched upon our hearts.

What are some of yours??

Amazingly there is always a moment in everyday that can really be etched upon our hearts if we appreciate everyday for what it is. It’s a chance to treasure those in our lives. It’s a time to praise God for all of our many blessings starting with our very life.

If you haven’t read this book, then I highly suggest you pick it up and read it!!




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